How to Make a Skeleton Model Out of Recyclable Items - make a life size cut out

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-25
How to Make a Skeleton Model Out of Recyclable Items  -  make a life size cut out
It is important to teach your child to reduce, reuse and recycle, but not to be monotonous.Help your child make bones with recycled milk pots and wires for fun and educational craftsmanship.To complete this project, you will need to supply plastic milk cans.
You can save your own container in a few weeks, or visit your neighbors with your child and ask for a recycling donation.For extra vitality, decorate the bones with glowin-His eyes, nose and mouth are painted with dark colors and recycled caps.Pour the first milk can over and cut the two at the top (bottom of the milk can.
Pass a line through the slit and twist the ends together to hang the skeleton.On the opposite side of the handle, recycle the cap with glue to make the eyes, nose and mouth.Hold the second jar right.side up.On the opposite side of the handle, cut down two sets of parallel slit, about 1/2 apart.
The slit should be 2 to 3 inch wide.
Make a hot glue water ring around the spout of the first jar and connect the spout of the second jar-Align their handles on the same side.Keep the mouth together for at least 1 minute to dry the glue.Track a half circle at the top of the handle of a new kettle.
Half CutCircle under the handle and remove it from the carton.Remove the rest of the handle from the kettle at the bottom.Repeat with the second jar.Stick the handle to the "Torso" section--On both sides of the top rib, rounded corners of the milk can.
The handle will act as the shoulder and upper arm of the bone.Cut a new kettle horizontally in the middle and discard the upper half.Put the bottom upside down and use hot glue to put the top edge of the plane.
Push the kettle into the bottom of the bones trunk section and hold it for at least 1 minute to set the glue.Punch in the side of the kettle--In front of the skeleton--Use punch holes to connect the legs.Make a hole on each side.Track long bones on the remaining pots.You need a humerus bone (long bone of the upper arm );The ruler and ruler of each arm;The femur, shin, and Philip bones of each leg.
Make the long bones into the length of the milk jug.The width of the shin and the femur should be 2 inch, while the rest of the bones should be thinner-About 1 inch wide or less--To approximate their real size.Punch holes at the top and bottom of each bone.
Connect the femoral to the handle shoulder, connect the ruler and ruler to the femoral, connect the femoral to the hip, and connect the shin and the intestine to the femoral.Let your child track his hands and feet on the remaining milk cans.Cut the pieces down and make a hole through the palm of each hand and the heel of each foot.
Attach the hand and foot to the radius (thumb side of the forearm), the ulnar (small finger side of the forearm), and the Shin (inner/large of the two small leg bones) and the Philip bone (outer/Small of two calf bones )
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