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How To Make A Phenakistoscope - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-10
How To Make A Phenakistoscope  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Regardless of your expertise and experience, it's easy to make a phenomenon mirror.CraftCue describes how to create a phenomenon mirror....Phen discovered the principle behind the phenomenon mirror around 300 BC, but the device was built only in 1841?The phenomenon Mirror, also known as the phenomenon mirror, is a device that uses static images to generate motion illusion in the early days.
It was invented by Belgian inventor Joseph Plateau in 1841, and Austrian inventor Simon von Stampfer invented a similar device, the stroboscope, in the same year..It takes some time for our eyesA tenth of a secondSign up for lights.Phenomenon mirrors deceive our brains by introducing new images before they register to believe that pictures are actually moving.
The modern movie camera works the same, but it projects more frames in the same time than these early devices, making the projection smoother.This phenomenon is easy to construct.They can be a great way to introduce crafts to kidsWhen it finally plays the "video" of the image they stick to, they will love it --Even a fun pastime for adults.Here's how to create this simple and interesting animation device.
Draw a circle on the thick cardboard with a compass.Cut the Mirror Wheel.This will be your viewing wheel.Select the design or action sequence you want to see on the phenomenon mirror.Find a printable copy of the design, or sketch it yourself if you can.
Paste the design on the cardboard wheel.
Alternatively, paste the design on a paper circle, and then paste the paper wheel on the cardboard wheel.Cut the vertical slit from the edge or wheel center (as shown in the image above the right ).Be careful not to cut into the design.Insert direct sales through the wheel center.
Fix a long and straight object on the wheel.A pencil with rubber at the end is a good choice.Now rotate the wheel.Reflection in the mirrorWhen the wheel rotates, it produces a continuous image that gives an illusion of movement.
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