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How to Make a Dream Catcher - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-13
How to Make a Dream Catcher  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Have you had a nightmare recently?Drive them away with a simple dreamer.Let CraftCue show you how to make your own dream catcher.The Ojibwe tribe created the dream catcher to help the children cope with their nightmares.
As Native Americans believe, the air at night brings good and bad dreams.The dreamers who swing gently in the breeze seize these dreams as they flow out and pass them to you.By the way, good dreams know how to go through these holes and gently land in the mind of the person sleeping below.
At the same time, nightmares are filtered out and returned to the air at night.These are sweet dreams, don't you think?Dream catcher is an important part of American culture.By focusing your good thoughts on good dreams, dreamers may also help you sleep well.
Traditional dreamers catch dreams with willow bark, vines or sine.These things are hard to find, but there are many modern alternatives.Decorate with what is found in daily life.
Simply put, it's like a filter of dreams that protects you from those fierce dreams that track you at night.If you are using dry willows or vines, we recommend putting it in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes.This will ensure that the vines will not break when making the dream catcher.
Once it becomes soft, twist the vines to form a circular frame.Twist the end together so it doesn't open.Place a weight/book on the loop so it will dry.
After the hoop is dry, cover the entire hoop with suede lace or ribbon.To wrap the hoop, feel free to use the ribbon of your chosen color.Use glue to ensure coverage is in place.Make sure the suede face does not overlap but is adjacent to the previous loop.
Once you cover the entire hoop, make a suspension ring and cut off the extra lace/ribbon.You start by tying a knot at the bottom of the ring you just finished.Work clockwise to create a loop.As shown in the figure, make a ring knot.Stretch out at a distance equal to each other.
You 'd better play 8 in the first round.
This is the basis for the next round of web that you have to create.Once you have mastered the basic shape of the network, start weaving the second layer.Make sure that the knot on the second floor is located at the exact center of the early knot.
It just means that you have to weave a knot at each midpoint of the previous loop.You can put the rope through the beads and make a knot.Although not entirely necessary, your beads Bring Charm to the Dreamers that is hard to miss.
Stop weaving the network when you have a small circle in the middle.Fix the rope on the net with the last shot, tighten it hard and cut off the rest of the rope.Last but not least, don't forget to put a feather on the hoop.
Feathers must be directly opposite to the hanging ring.Fix it in place with a rope or ribbon and cut off the remaining ribbon.Your dream catcher is ready to hang by the window next to your bed.
Every element used to make a dream net is of great significance.A bead in the center represents a spider on its web.The scattered beads represent the good dreams captured throughout the evening.
Feathers represent the air.
The feathers of the owl represent wisdom, and the feathers of the Eagle represent courage.Please remember to keep the material as natural as possible.Use wooden beads to decorate dreamers instead of plastic varieties that are easy to buy on the market.
Finally, remember to hang it in a place that won't hold it back from rocking and witnessing the light of the day.I wish you the sweetest dream after wearing the dream net
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