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How to Make a Disco Ball at Home - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-12
How to Make a Disco Ball at Home  -  how to make a cardboard stand
What is the synonym for a party?Drinks, music, dance, food, friends, and disco balls, of course!Do you know how easy it is to make a disco ball yourself?Not only is it simple, but it's fun!Don't you believe me?Read this article and find out the answer for yourself.Disco Party is not complete without disco party!This wonderful work of art adds luster to the disco party, also known as other names, including mirror balls, flash balls, ball mirrors or mirror spheres.These balls are easy to buy in the market.
But you know, you can make a shiny disco ball yourself, and it's very little equipped.Scroll down to learn how to make one.Take a ball of the desired size and a ball compatible with glue or adhesive and paint.Solid Foam or rubber ball is a good choice.
Then, take the shiny silver paint and paint the disco mirror ball thoroughly with this paint.This paint will help you avoid the gap formed after pasting the mirror pieces.You can choose any other color like gold instead of silver.
After applying the ball, put it aside to dry.Once the color on the ball dries, it's time to use the mirror chip.It is easy to buy mirror chips in all art and craft shops, and you can choose mirror chips according to your choice.
Choose mirrors of different colors and shapes and make sure you buy enough to cover the whole ball.It is recommended that you buy a small square mirror chip.Use glue suitable for the surface of the ball.
Choosing the wrong glue will make the mirror pieces fall off.Now, pick up the mirror chip and glue and start working from the center of the ball.Tie a rope at the center of the ball and work along it.
This will ensure a straight line of the mirror chip.So, put the pieces of the mirror on the ball in a row.After completing all the lines, your disco mirror ball is ready to be used.
The first step is to cut the unwanted CD.
Take unwanted CDs and cut them into small squares with scissors.You can also cut these CDs with kitchen scissors.When cutting, make sure the squares are cut with fine edges, and they have more or less the same size.
Once you 've done the work of cutting the squares, collect them in a bowl and put them on one side.Now, take the foam ball and the glue gun.Before sticking the CD square to the ball, pass a stick and arrange to hang the ball with a rope.The bond of the CD square should start at the center of the ball.
You can use a pencil to draw horizontal weak lines on the ball and glue the CD squares by aligning their edges with those lines.First, complete a line of CD squares in the center of the ball, then move to the top.After finishing the top of the ball, work the bottom and finish pasting all the CD squares onto the ball.
Let the glue dry and your disco ball is ready!The disco is certainly a wonderful party accessory.Make one for your family party and build a comfortable but disco-The atmosphere of you and your friends
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