How to Make a Cardboard Mask - cardboard mask template

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-21
How to Make a Cardboard Mask  -  cardboard mask template
People wear masks for various reasons, such as protection, disguise, or performance.Decorative masks have a rich history in many cultures and are still worn today during Carnival, masquerade and Halloween.Whether you're making up for a costume party or a theatrical show, or just need a fun children's art project, you can make a simple and completeMasks made of cardboard and general craft supplies.
Decorate your mask in any way you like.
Draw an egg shape on the cardboard with a pencil.Make an egg shape by starting with a circle and extending down to a soft point to make the chin.Make sure the shape is the approximate size of your head.
Fold the cardboard along the vertical center of the sketch.Select one side of the folded cardboard and cut along the outline of the sketch with scissors.Gently spread with a pencil and draw a horizontal line in the middle of the mask.
Draw an almond-In the center of the mask fold and an eye hole formed in the middle between the edges.Cut out the eye hole using a practical craft blade.Fold the eye mask in half again and trace the outline of the eye hole to the other side of the eye mask.
Expand the mask and cut another hole in the eye.Use a punch to hole near the edge of both sides of the mask.Make the hole parallel to the eye.Find the "right side" of the mask by flipping the mask so that the peak of the central fold will go up.
This way, when you put it on, it folds out to hold your nose.Erase any stray pencil marks on the right side of the mask.Decorate your mask.Create an emotional face using paint and markers, or just cover the mask with a colored geometric pattern.
Cut the 30-length curling tape 10 inch long and use tape to secure one end of each thread behind the top of the mask.Curl each ribbon with scissors and make a mop.You can even have a beard by tying the ribbon to your chin.
Attach a curly ribbon to each of the two holes on either side of the mask.Put the mask on your face and tie the two ribbons to your back
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