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by:SAFEKA      2019-07-19
|  -  how to make a cardboard display stand
If your Christmas image includes stockings hanging on a fireplace, but your home doesn't, you can make a surprisingly realistic version with cardboard.Starting with four cardboard display boards-The kind that students use in science programs.You can find them in hobby or office supplies stores and home centers.
Start with the display card measuring 36-Inches high, 22-Inch center panel and two 12-Inch side segment.Use 1x12-Inch board as a guide, trim the folded part of one of the black display board to the width of the board.Use the board again as a guide to divide each white display board into four sections of the width of the board and the remaining extra 1 inch as a label for the front edge.
Fold two white cardboard displays into two columns.Stand on the black cardboard display and set the columns on both sides.Using hot glue, attach the post to the black cardboard at the front edge label.
Stick the wood on the back.
Tape the original edge with masking tape.
Display the cardboard from the second back, cut the width of 1x12-a pieceFrom the width of the cardboard inch board and set aside.Use the board again as the width guide, move the board over and score one line.Cut along the score and leave a T-shape piece.
Place the top of T between the pillars at the top of the fireplace.Fold the edges of T down into the columns of each edge.Fold the middle of T between the pillars as the surface of the fireplace.
Tie the surface of the fireplace.
Use the black cardboard set aside from Step 8 to form a 4 inch deep box shape, place it at the bottom of the fireplace and secure the tape in place.Make the outer cover: measure and cut the trim plate to fit the 1 inch x 12-inch board.Glue and nails in place.Paint the cloakroom with water-based primer.
Fill any ditch, knot or dent with a dry wall spackle and dry completely.Until the smooth sand.Draw in the desired color.Paint the sides and surfaces of the fireplace in gray.Tear scrapbook paper into bricksPieces of size and models place them in the area around the fire box.
Stick the paper brick to the area around the fire box, or stick the brick to the entire surface of the fireplace, no matter what you like.Glue corner decoration on the front edge of the fireplace.Cut to fit the edge of the brick area and glue it in place.
Set the fireplace on the fireplace.
Decorative fireplace-you are done!.
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