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How to Make a Cardboard Box House - cardboard toy house

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-19
How to Make a Cardboard Box House  -  cardboard toy house
Whether it's for marketing, decoration, toys or whatever, making a Carton House is a creative, engaging activity for all ages.Kids—and adults—Learn how to design a house and practice 3-Size structure, color selection and ways to make the cardboard house look realistic.The advantage of carton making is that the price is cheap and only basic materials and skills are needed.
Cover your work surface with a newspaper and list the supplies for making the Carton House.Select the required size carton for the Carton House.If possible, choose a box with flaps or a cover attached to the box instead of a cover that falls off all the way.
Fill the pages of the newspaper and fill them with boxes.Avoid overfilling so that the side of the box remains Square and does not stand out.Close the lid or cover.Apply tape where the flaps meet or where the lid meets the box.
Place the carton on the working surface and side the tape down.Mark the doors and windows on the cardboard box.For example, for a shoe box house, depending on how large the shoe box is, draw a door in the center of one end of the box, 3 to 4 inch wide.
Make the longitudinal lines of the door from the bottom of the box to 2 inch above the top of the box.Draw a 2 to 3 inch window on each side of the door.Fold a piece of colored building paper into a pointed roof.
Place it on the top of the box and check if the height is what you want.If the roof is too long for the box, make a pencil mark for where to cut paper.If the roof is too high, press down to fit the way you want it, and make pencil marks on each side of the paper so that where to cut it.
Even with each pencil mark, place a ruler and draw a straight cut line on the roof paper of the cardboard house.Wire-cut along the roof.Apply glue on the inner bottom edge of the roof.Place the roof on the carton room and gently press down the glue line to help the glue stick.
Let the glue dry for at least 20 minutes.
Open the end of the Carton House and place the triangle of the roof on a colored building sheet.If you want to draw a triangle, please use white paperThe shape part of the wall, displayed at the end of the roof.Track the roof on paper with a pencil.Start from where the roof meets the cardboard room and extend it to the top of the house.
From the roof point to where the roof meets the Carton House, continue the line on the other side.Put a ruler on the paper and draw a straight line to make a triangle.Cut the triangle.Apply the glue to all sides of a triangle with a cotton swab.
Place the triangle under the roof at one end of the cardboard house.Press on the roof.Keep the slow count of 30.Repeat the process with a second triangle at the other end of the house.Paint the Carton House in the required color.
Let the paint dry.
Add contrast decorations to help the house look realistic;For example, the doors and windows are painted Brown on a brown house
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