How to Make a Cardboard Book Stand - how to make a cardboard stand for a display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-01
How to Make a Cardboard Book Stand  -  how to make a cardboard stand for a display
Book stalls are useful for keeping reference books--Like a recipe or craft book.-Open when your hands are full.You can make one by yourself with cardboard so that when you perform other tasks, such as cooking, your book can remain open.Draw a rectangle on the light cardboard with a ruler.
The height of the rectangle should be higher than the biggest book you plan to put on the bookstall, otherwise the bookstall may turn upside down.Draw a diagonal line through a rectangle, leaving a gap or beippers shape at the bottom of the cardboard.This gap will open the page of your book.Cut the shapeThis is your pattern.Track the pattern twice on thick cardboard or pad.
If the color on both sides of the cardboard or pad you use is different, make sure to flip the pattern so that it reflects the first shape before tracking the second shape.Cut out both sides of the shelf with scissors, or place the cardboard on the cutting pad and cut with the box cutter.Put two pieces of cut-out cardboard flat, adjacent to the long side, so that the shape mirrors each other.
Attach two pieces of the shelf with strong tape, such as tape or packaging tape.Leave a slight drain between the two pieces so that they are flexible to bend inward
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