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How to Draw Tattoos - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-09
How to Draw Tattoos  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Do you want to know how to draw a tattoo that looks avant-garde and sexy?Read on...Tattoos have become very popular recently and there are many different designs for you to choose from if you are interested in tattoos.If you are a beginner in tattoo painting, start with a simple design.
Starting with something like a name, there are some designs around, or starting with simple symbols such as crosses, anchors or simplified designs of skulls, flowers, animals, it may be a good idea and so on.The number of details should only be completed if you can capture the base form first.Drawing your own tattoo design will help to personalize your body art more.
You can draw the tattoo design, color it and hand it over to the tattoo artist who will copy the tattoo.If the tattoo is a bit rough, a professional tattoo artist will even correct your tattoo design.The artist will then track it on your body and use it as a guide to do real tattoo work on your body.
It is very important to choose a tattoo design and it is recommended that you choose a simple avant-garde tattoo.For example, if you want to go to the Asian dragon tattoo, then look for a sample picture of the Dragon Tattoo online.Also, find some simple pictures of the Dragon.
Get some photos of the theme you want to draw.Collect your basic stationery such as regular black and other colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, drawing boards, and some prints of sample designs.After choosing the tattoo design, follow the next step.
On your drawing board, continue to doodle with the different designs of your chosen theme.For example, in order to get a dragon design, draw a dragon design with fire and use YinThe symbol of Yang, the slender dragon like a snake, the Dragon with wings, and so on.Try doodles of different designs and choose your favorite doodles.
Draw the basic form of your tattoo design with light pencil lines.If you don't understand the basic form of some design, then look for the anatomy of a particular design online.Alternatively, divide your graffiti into different parts and try to draw them in a better scale.
Now, it's time to give your tattoo the final avant-garde look.If you have a little doubt that you might mess up the form above --Draw your tattoo design and then get a copy of the design as a backup.Start adding details on your drawing, such as the design around the name, the drawing scale on a dragon or snake, or highlight your big tattoo design with a smaller floral tattoo design.
If you want to go to a black and white tattoo, then fill your tattoo design with black ink.Make sure the blocks are filled in black as they can easily help the design stand out.Leave spaces between black blocks so that the tattoos look neatly separated.
If you want to get a tattoo, draw a black sketch --Indicate the outline of your drawing with a pen or ball.Then choose a different color that matches your tattoo design.Try to choose the natural hue of your chosen design.
If this is an abstract tattoo then you can choose whatever color you like.Color your tattoo with a pencil and you have finished it.If you want to draw a temporary tattoo on yourself, or want to learn to draw a tattoo on your arm, then follow the steps above to draw a sample design and put a butter paper on your finished drawing.
Then repeat it on butter paper with a ballpoint pen, then overlap in the body parts, press the paper to get the imprint.Then use this method to draw a tattoo on your body with steel strokes.These are some tips for painting tattoos.So, follow the steps above and choose an avant-garde and stylized design to get some coolThe tattoo is done.
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