How to Display Coasters on a Wall - how to make a cardboard display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-21
How to Display Coasters on a Wall  -  how to make a cardboard display stand
Wall art is not necessarily a painting or photo in a decorative frame.If you can put something on the wall, you can use it as wall art as long as you are beautifully arranged.The collection of coasters can create a quirky and creative display;This is an unexpected material that can stand out in the room and needs attention.
If you haven't started yet, collect the Coasters and put them on the wall.You can buy a set of coasters, buy used coasters from websites that auction various collections, or search for coasters in garage sales and thrift stores.One of the most valuable ways to increase your coasters is to collect them from the bars and restaurants you often go to or where you go during your travels.
Make sure which wall you want to use on the roller coaster display.You may find an ideal place near your playroom, human hole or wet bar.You can also create a whimsical display by placing the coasters on a fireplace cover or sofa.
Don't be afraid to joke with them;Use them as borders in the kitchen or paint the doors of your study with them.You can install cardboard, cork or any light material directly on the wall.Decide first how you want to arrange them;Measure the space you want to place them in and create a scale chart on the chart sheet, each square representing 1 inch.
Measure the cup pad and draw the zoom arrangement on the chart.Once you are satisfied with a plan, install the cup pad directly to the wall as per your plan.Use a ruler to make sure you spacing them accurately and use a level to make sure they are straight.
Install them with a removable wall hanging adhesive so that your walls will not be damaged when you want to remove them.If you reward your collection instead of installing them directly on the wall, you 'd better put the coasters in the frame to protect them from dust and dirt.You can get a small square frame and put a roller coaster on each frame.
Use neutral color background paper in all frames to unify the collection, and then center the roller coaster in each frame.Or, get the big frames and arrange the roller coaster cluster in the frames.Hang the frame on the wall in an attractive way.
Get the narrow easel used to display the lines of family photos on the wall and in the stairwell.These shelves will also provide you with coasters.If you have a roller coaster made of ceramic, wood, stone or metal, this is the best solution.
Hang the shelves anywhere you want to show.If you put one shelf on another, measure the Coasters and see how far you want the shelf to be spaced.After installing the shelf, line up the cup mat.
Protect the coasters with museum putty.
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