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How to Color Sand - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-14
How to Color Sand  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Fun tours on the beach can be made more fun by coloring with sand.You can take some sand home from there, add different colors to it and use it to make a variety of crafts.The following paragraph explains in more detail how to color it.
In the dictionary, sand is defined as "loose material consisting of rocks or coral particles ".It can be found on the beach and in the desert.Its natural color is white, light brown, dark brown, green (from deep to black), and even dark yellow.
These natural colors are due to the presence of different minerals.Creative people like to experiment with colored sand.Children can make charming crafts with it.
There are also many craft shops selling it.However, would it be more interesting if you could do it yourself?This simple and versatile craft material can be used to make paintings, sculptures, vases and various other art forms.Beautiful and unique wedding ceremony in Hawaii.
The Indians of the Navajo Indian tribe have created the most creative paintings by coloring traditional paintings.Sand painting is an easy art.All you need to do is track a design on a piece of paper or cardboard.Apply transparent glue in all parts of the design.
Sprinkle colored sand on the glue until it fills the background.Let it dry and then reverse the design in a rough newspaper to remove the excess particles.The sand will only stick to the place where the glue is applied.
Continue drawing the design in the same way using colored sand.You can also apply a layer of watercolor painting on it to make the painting brighter.A coat of varnish was applied at last.In the final step, your painting is ready!So now you have learned to color the sand and the different ways to use it.
It's a delightful hobby that can keep you and your kids busy for hours.Go ahead and enjoy painting Picasso with your children
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