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How to Carve Rubber Stamps - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-12
How to Carve Rubber Stamps  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Carved rubber stamps are an interesting project in themselves, and the finished product can be used again and again to add personal style and talent to letters, collages and scrapbooks.Here is an overview of how to make your own stamps.Rubber stamp is a great way to add style to a variety of different items.
They can be used for scrapbooks, collage art, letters and any amount of other paperbased crafts.Despite the thousands of different rubber stamp offerings, from insects to letters to abstract patterns, homemade rubber stamp adds personal color and personalized style to your creations.Unlike drawing or collage elements, rubber stamps can be used repeatedly in various ways.
Making your own rubber stamp is an interesting and simple project in itself.Most of these materials are easy to find in your local crafts or hobby shops.The design can be anything, from the pictures found online to the graphics you draw yourself.
There are several important things to remember when choosing a pattern to carve into a stamp.First of all, if you're just starting to make a rubber stamp, choose a simple design to practice.It should be relatively small, relatively simple, with few details and small lines.
You will be able to create more and more complex stamps when you practice, but it's better to start with something simple.Your own initials or elegant abstract patterns will be a great choice.To start, cut your rubber block into the size you want.
Be sure to leave a little space outside so that the design is not too close to the edge of the block.For the design of 2 inch by 2 inch, the rubber block should be about 2 inch per side.A soft rubber block can be easily cut with a boxA blade or a heavy-duty scissors.
The next step is to transfer the design to the rubber block.When you print finished stamps in ink, the design appears in the opposite way, so you need to transfer the mirror image to the stamp as a engraving template.There are several different ways to do this.
If you are using a computer image, you can flip the image using a graphics editor and print the design on a thin sheet of paper.Once done, you can connect the paper to the rubber block using glue or tape, and then use fineUsed to track the image to the pointed carving tool in the rubber.Another often easier way is to use a pencil to draw or track an image onto an tracing sheet.
The soft lead pencil is better because the image is easier to transfer to the rubber.After drawing or tracking the image, press the drawing surface-Put it down on the rubber block so the design touches the rubber.Press the paper and rubber together with the ink roller or other hard objects.
This will instead rub the design onto the rubber so you can see the mirror of your image on the rubber in the pencil.The rest is easy when you transfer the design to rubber, but remember not to carve out the design!On the finished stamp, the design itself should be raised and everything around it is carved out.The secret to making a successful stamp is to carefully carve the extra stamp without removing too much or too little.
If too much negative space is removed, stamps become fragile and difficult to use.If carved too little, the ink will appear where you don't want it.The rule of thumb is to carve about 1/1/8 down from the top of the rubber block.
If that's not enough, you can do more in the future.It is best to start the actual engraving from the outer edge of the rubber block and work inward towards the design direction.You can carve out an outline around the image and give yourself a simple guide to stop.
Take care of sharp carving tools and hold them as stably as possible to protect the stamps and your hands.When the space around the design is carved out, you can test the stamps!Design by stamp-Side down, firmly against the ink pad.Archival ink is best suited for craft items as it does not fade or damage the paper.
If your stamp is large, you can roll the printed ink on the surface of the stamp with the ink roller.Be careful not to use too much ink, otherwise it will drip into the engraved inkMake a messy print out of the area.You may not like the design when you test the stamp.
In this case, you can wipe the stamp clean with warm water and continue to engrave until you do it just right.The possibility of finished rubber stamp is endless.If you wish, you can put a wooden handle on the rubber block so it is easier to hold.
Homemade rubber stamp is a great gift to use repeatedly with ink of different colors.(Be sure to clean the stamps before using the ink of the new color!Practice is perfect as with any craft, so don't be discouraged if your first few stamps aren't perfect.Stick on, and soon you'll make beautiful rubber stamps that are more fun and unique than anything you can buy in the store.
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