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how to calculate the weight of corrugated boxes ... - cardboard

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-31
how to calculate the weight of corrugated boxes ...  -  cardboard
The corrugated carton is made of corrugated cardboard, which is glued to the plane of the flat sheet paper made of the same material.In order to make corrugated paper with flat paper, the corrugated paper machine is used.A layer of flat paper passes through a heated flow circle and is glued together at the tip so that it can come into contact with another piece of paper.
The two sheets are then pasted and rolled into rolls.This volume is called 2-Corrugated Board or single-sided corrugated board.3-ply, 7-ply and 9-Layer corrugated board can be cut by using the board cutting machine, glue month-Lay paper on it.
The board-to-board can be pasted to obtain corrugated board of different thickness.Because the thickness of the box is determined, the inside and outside dimensions will vary.The size of the box is always given according to the internal size.
Usually, when it comes to the size of the corrugated carton, the length is mentioned first, which is the longest size of the opening, followed by the width and depth.It is ideal to maintain the ratio of 2: 1:2 (L: W: D.However, if you have to make corrugated boxes of different sizes, make sure you have a good idea of how to cut the blanks to minimize waste.
In order to know the cost, strength and the number of estimated weights, it is important to calculate the weight of the corrugated carton.The weight of the corrugated carton is equal to the area of the paper multiplied by the weight of the paper per cubic meter.You can calculate the area of the paper by finding the length of the required paper and then calculating the total width of the required paper.
The weight of the paper per square meter depends on two parameters-Number or number of piles and grams per square meter (gs.Thesis of M.Depending on the size of the groove, about 45% of the extra material is used for corrugated devices compared to regular paper.Therefore, the weight per square meter is 3-Gsm (1) of gsm.
Corrugated cardboard is usually used in the manufacture of packaging or containers.Although there are various other types of cartons, corrugated cartons are best suited to maintain the safety of the objects they carry, especially for long-distance transportation.In addition to the accessories protection of the products, corrugated cartons must also be designed in a cost-effective manner, which should meet the needs of customers, logistics needs and machine requirements.
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