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How to Build a Cardboard Model House - cardboard toy house

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-19
How to Build a Cardboard Model House  -  cardboard toy house
Building cardboard houses from scratch seems like a big project for beginners, but a sound blueprint and the right plan can make it easier.Start with cardboard and finish with realistic cardboard-We can find the house in a few hours.Create a blueprint for your model room.Draw a picture of your plan at a time on the paper, and then draw it exactly on the cardboard.
Includes doors, windows, chimneys and other details that must be cut into cardboard.Cut the pieces of the House from cardboard with a metal ruler and hobby knife.In order to cut the cardboard effectively, you may need to use several different types of blades.
Cut the doors and windows.
Glue the side and roof of the house together using CA adhesive.Cover each edge thoroughly with CA and then fix the joint by hand for one minute to allow the adhesive to solidify.Spray or apply to the house with a caulking agent and then paint.
After the paint is dry, put the simulated siding into the cardboard;Otherwise, the paint may dip inside the cardboard to make it useless.Cut the details from the card paper and stick to the structure.These can include doors, windows, blinds, siding or other details that cannot be cut off from cardboard.
For the sake of simplicity, you may want to draw them first before you paste them
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