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How Is Cardboard Made? - double wall cardboard box

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-28
How Is Cardboard Made?  -  double wall cardboard box
Cardboard is the name of hard paper, it is more than hard paper.006 inch thick.The Chinese invented cardboard, or cardboard, more than 4-Hundred years ago.According to Kenneth R's brief history of packagingPublished by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Berger produced the first carton in the UK in 1817.
In 1850s, cardboard made of corrugated cardboard was produced and used as a package for the shipment of the product.This is a stronger kind of cardboard.The cardboard sheet is molded into a wavy shape and then sandwiched between two flat cardboard pieces.Cardboard can be made by pasting several layers of paper together.
It can also be made by laminating wet pulp together.There are different types of cardboard such as strawboard, bending board, news board or bristol board.The name can be an indication of the material used to produce the type of cardboard, or it can reflect the features of the cardboard.
Corrugated boards considered single-walled are similar to those made in the 1850s s because it has a wave center and the outer layer is a flat plate.Corrugated cardboard, considered double-layer, has two extra sheets of paper, one is wavy and the other is flat to provide additional strength.When making cardboard, the roll paper is inserted into a corrugated machine that glue the layers together.
Corrugated Board is made of long and strong paper fiber.Because of this, corrugated board can be recycled many times.Many recycling areas do not use contaminated cardboard, such as cardboard with oil stains on pizza.
While the public generally refers to materials used to make items such as cereal boxes, cardboard, many recyclers consider this to be cardboard, made of lower quality paper, with no wave or groove center
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