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how an ingenious footwear idea snatched defeat from the ... - floor display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-17
how an ingenious footwear idea snatched defeat from the ...  -  floor display
A few years ago, my marketing consulting company reviewed the smartest, most novel and most commercial concepts in casual shoes.We met with the designers who created the series and were excited about everything we saw in the initial presentation.Footwear has universal uses and amazing styling cues that will make them "must have" for every woman who is interested in shoes, meaning women in every place.
When we signed a non-disclosure agreement with the designer, I was not able to detail the features and designs of footwear in this article.We left the meeting with confidence as we had reviewed a new and dynamic idea in the shooting star products and footwear category.However, we have also left a disturbing sign that the design of wiz will not take the appropriate steps necessary to successfully sell the product.
Among our young people, the elements of business and creativity are inconsistent.He left us with the impression that he knew what he had to do in order to achieve his goal, but he had no motivation to reach the abdominal or fruit fire necessary to reach the top of the commercial Hill.Like all of our entrepreneurs, we suggest that young people, time is not his friend.
It is always assumed that someone somewhere who works on a similar product or concept may inadvertently beat you into the market.This is a cautious paranoia.It does happen, and more often than you think.This is why successful entrepreneurs continue to pursue their dreams.
After several meetings and many phone calls, our young designers are still unable to pull the trigger and push the product launch project forward.He wants to improve his personal image.Then he wants to change the color classification.Next, he decided that the factory would not comply with his instructions.
This lasted for several months.
Of course, we can see what really happens: he is afraid of success.We have seen it many times and the symptoms of this disease are always obvious.We gradually reluctantly abandoned the designer and footwear project.
We still love this product and the future potential that can be tapped by launching this brand.But we see in reality that this opportunity is doomed to fail because of his lack of commitment.We moved on.Sadly, this week, I walked around the local mall and was stopped by a window.
A well-known national chain has a floor display in the main window, backlit, well stocked and well-stocked, and we have reviewed more than 200 pairs of shoes a few years ago.I immediately took my breath and went into the store for more information."Maybe he ended up in the market and was good for him," I thought ".
However, a quick chat with the store manager confirmed that the new shoes we reviewed a few years ago have been brought to the market by competitors designers and have launched similar products, A lady with a smart brand project is enjoying great success.I called several contacts in the footwear industry and found that the product had nothing to do with my wunderkind designer.The young lady behind the brand I saw in the shop window started with several stores, enjoyed excellent initial sales, got a receivables financing deal and actively launched to the national chainRapid growth in distribution;She is introducing new styles and is starting to advertise in fashion magazines.
This is a sad, truly disgusting example of taking defeat from the mouth of victory.Having an excellent new product, service, or concept that is ready in the market but has not entered the project is a waste.I called the designer we originally consulted and asked him if he knew the competitive product that beat him into the market and made sure his niche.
After attacking the competitor's product as inferior, he can only say that he is working on a better version of his original concept.He is unable to provide a timeline of when the brand will launch.I am not happy to say that I doubt that he will be successful in promoting footwear.
I don't want to say that there are more than a few aspiring entrepreneurs who will experience the same fate."Time is not a friend of an entrepreneur", not just a language, but a fact
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