How a laid off oilpatch worker became owner of Calgarys largest pot shop - retail store display su

How a laid off oilpatch worker became owner of Calgary's largest pot shop - retail store display supplies

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-25
How a laid off oilpatch worker became owner of Calgary\'s largest pot shop  -  retail store display supplies
In the event of pipeline problems and market chaos, a welder in Calgary is taking advantage of the skills learned in the field
Start a career in marijuana.
Jason Marshall has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 17 years, and the recession hit Alberta in 2014.
Even with more than ten years of experience, Marshall, together with thousands of other businessmen, was freed from the work of Precision Drilling and became the backbone of the industry.
Marshall worked as a contractor for the next few years until he visited the Calgary franchise show with his wife Irene structure, which allowed him to trade forever with his flashlight.
"I think for both of us, it's even an industry that we will eventually enter, and it's a completely surprising thing. . .
"To be the biggest supporter," Struc said . ".
After weighing their options, the couple decided to start using green earth cannabis near the Marlborough Mall instead of buying a larger cannabis chain.
Green Earth is currently Calgary's latest and largest cannabis retail store, providing some experience for every cannabis connoisseur, Marshall said.
"I know they say you should never try to be Jack in all industries. . .
But because we have enough space, we can do that . "
With an industry background, Marshall can start designing and renovating the retail space he rented before the province and city's cannabis shop license is rubberstamped.
He also tapped contacts in the deal to enlist the help of other former oil and gas workers to complete the demolition and reconstruction efforts.
"We basically start from scratch. just an idea —
"To this point, we built everything ourselves, and there was a great group of people who helped us put all the little details together," Struc said . ".
But for the couple, other areas of commercial ownership, such as endless paperwork and browsing the "minefield" of provincial regulations, are all more challenging, Marshall said.
Marshall said while starting construction before formal approval seems like a riskho, do-it-
Your own attitude has helped Alberta's gambling, alcohol and cannabis get a quick approval, a "priority" for applicants who have made progress in the retail space ".
Last week, AGLC said uncertainty could mean, but it promised to distribute marijuana equally to 65 stores already approved in the province.
But, as a cannabis store recently opened in Calgary, Marshall did not encounter any problems, saying that Green Earth recently received the second of three shipments of purchase goods totaling more than $100,000.
"The size of each order is increasing," Marshall said . ".
"It seems that AGLC is slowly getting more products.
From a supply point of view, we are quite satisfied, "he added, that Green Earth will not be able to carry all the products on the Marshall wish list, not the AGLC supply, due to investment capital.
With the province suspending the issuance of new cannabis permits, Marshall said he was happy to open up the green earth in a relatively small market. But the welder-turned-
Small business owners say his biggest concern is that it could lead to over-saturation.
"I hope it won't be that high, but our business plans are still profitable when competing with these numbers," he said . ".
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