holiday decorating tips: christmas candles - free article ... - cardboard greeting cards display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-19
holiday decorating tips: christmas candles - free article ...  -  cardboard greeting cards display
Do you like the winter vacation season or does this time of year put pressure on you?One way to reduce holiday stress is to use less decor and reduce your list of "too many things to do.However, you still want to show the Christmas candles as these decorations will bring a smile to you and your loved ones.As the days get shorter and colder and the sun gets earlier and earlier, people naturally crave the warmth and comfort of the light, especially natural sources such as the fire or the flame of Christmas candles.
Save your energy and money.
You don't need to queue up with celebrities on your entire sidewalk.Place four large candles in a clear glass container near the front door for a similar effect.These glowing candles will welcome your guests without the need to collect bags, buy fast-burning votive candles and shovel all the sand.
The tradition of many cultural festivals includes placing a lighted candle in front of the window, which can be seen from the outside.Love yourself.Put a candle in any dark window at night.You will focus on the cheerful flame and feel comfort and Ascension instead of staring at the dark void.Create a quiet ceremony for yourself at night in a quiet place away from distractions and holidays.
Put candles around the tub to relax, or put them next to your favorite reading chair instead of sitting in a quiet place to read and reflect on the brightness of the candlelight.Listen to quiet music or enjoy peace.Think about happiness in life and express gratitude.This quiet time is perhaps the most precious gift you have ever given yourself.
Carols by CandlelightRecycle last year's greeting card by cutting each greeting card into a disc or rounding, punching holes in the center, sliding the cone candle in halfThrough this hole.Gather your friends and family by the piano or fireplace and sing familiar Christmas carols when everyone is holding their own candlelight.Stop and reflect on the fact that everyone brings their own special light to the world and recognizes that each of us has a common spiritual light.
Candle Night-When the children settle down to sleep on Christmas Eve, calm them down with a soothing candlelight ceremony.My daughter's children went to the bed, and everyone was careful to hold the lit candles in the dark hallway, singing "Silent Night ".Happy Holidays!
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