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Helpful Tips and Advice for the Allotment Gardener - cardboard pallet boxes with lids

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-21
Helpful Tips and Advice for the Allotment Gardener  -  cardboard pallet boxes with lids
A recent walk in the fields of Suffolk found an assignment hidden behind the church.With the camera, I found that humor plays a very important role in the gardener's life in this area.Their ingenuity raises recycling to a new level.
Add some beautiful pigs and goats to the adjacent plot and you will have an idyllic situation.I hope you can enjoy the fruits of their work.I hope you can share some of their amazing ideas and tricks with friends, neighbors or anyone who happens to like gardening like those people.
A -It can be used to enrich the soil.
If it does not contain toxic substances, it can be used to fertilize the garden.Ash contains valuable minerals that improve soil quality.Can be used in the manufacture of elevated bed system.
This is a cheap alternative to horticultural wool.Covering the seedlings on a cold night, it will provide thermal insulation and frost protection on a cold winter night.All of this can be used to collect fruits or vegetables to go home.
All of this can be used to store water.
It can be cut into a curved shape.
Push a small piece of sugar cane into each end, then push the wooden end 6 x80 8 inch into the ground and cover it with a net.Connect a wire or rope along the entire length of the curve and fix them to the ground using a tent hook.Covered with a net, sometimes available free of charge from the construction site as it can only be used once.
Build a wildlife wall with them.
Compost or used as an isolation to suppress weeds..Cardboard can be recycled at the recycling bin at home or at the local home waste recycling center.This is a great way to reduce odor by providing airbags that help ventilate other materials to improve the effectiveness of the compost box.
It can be added to the compost box, chopped or put into the worm.As a good source of potash, it helps to promote root growth and make fruits and vegetables taste better.Can be used to make greenhouses or shantytowns.
Winter is used on the ground as a herbicide.Use on deck to avoid slipping in cold weather.String around the distribution area and scare the birds away.
The birds don't seem to like the random glare from the CD, especially when the sun reflects on them.Can be used for labels.Draw on the plastic on the top with an indelible pen.Used to carry items to and from distribution.
Mini greenhouses can be made with large plastic Coke bottles..Eggshells are a good way to add lime to compost.It reduces the acidity that creatures like worms don't like.
Worms are an important part of the composting process.Eggshells can be a deterrent to slug deterrent, crush them and sprinkle around your precious plants.They can be purchased from places like cafes©A restaurant serving breakfast.
It is a good source of nitrogen and works well in the garden, especially for soft fruits like raspberries and strawberries.Add a thin layer to the bottom of the hole when planting.It can be used to pollinate cherries.Compost with garden waste to produce rich soil conditioner.
Don't pile the meat at home.
Can be used as a mini greenhouse or cold rack.Hammerite paint, which will make them look more beautiful.They make great cabinets to store items and keep them from rodents.
Every man or woman needs a garden cottage where recycled furniture allows them to sit down and appreciate the fruits of their labor.This can be composted with the same amount of dry branches, crumpled paper, spam or newspapers to prevent it from getting smelly and damp.These are good for indoor compost collection or can be used with cardboard cylinders to produce plant cylinders.
Put six or eight in the container and fill it with soil.Should be kept for the purposes of pickling fruits and vegetables or storing seeds.Add it to the compost box and remember not to use raw meat.
It is possible to cut into very useful White plant label with a sugar stick.It can also be used as a storage for planting potatoes or seeds.Metal wire can be reinforced into a wonderful tomato stand.
Twist them into a cylindrical shape and place them on the tomato plants, where they will beautifully support the growing plants.These can be used to support runner beans or French beans.Cut in half and can be used to make a raised bed.
These make a good safety cover for the pointed stick and the top of the cane, and when they rattle in the wind, they double work.Can be used to fill the Scarecrow.Put them in used plastic bags to keep them dry.It is useful to carve the Scarecrow face of Turin or string together to store onions to help them extend their shelf life.
Put an onion into the tights, tie the knot and repeat until you reach the top of the tights.Hang the knotted onion on the hook.Can be used as a elevated bed to be removed from the door.Make decorative flower pots with them, or they can be an important part of the Scarecrow costume.
Drill them with a saw bit.
These holes should be big enough to grow a young strawberry.First Fill the bottom of the pipe with good soil, then backfill when you move the pipe up until you have a row of strawberries moving up.Hang a row of pipes on a wall or fence so you get a strawberry wall.
These can be used to keep the birds away.
Put the stick on the ground and put the plastic bottle on it.Tie the rope along the top and hang the CDs down with extra rope.Hang the cd with a rope to keep the birds away.
Place them at the end of the stick to prevent accidental eye poking.Lay them flat on the ground.Fill the gaps with good compost and soil.Put plant seedlings into the soil between the slats.This will eliminate weeding time between seedlings and keep the shoes clean and dry.
They can be used as vertical pots.
Leaning them against the walls of the cottage, especially where space is a problem.Nail the thick plastic on the back, side and bottom of the tray and fill it with good soil and compost.Plant herbs or lettuce between rows of wood.
These have a good support for broad beans or tomatoes.Stack them with pallet wood and they will become excellent plant shelves.These are essential for fixing the grass-proof film on the ground.
It can be used to string or store onions to help them extend their shelf life.Put an onion into the tights, tie the knot and repeat until you reach the top of the tights.Hang the knotted onion on the hook.Protect ripe fruits, such as melon, in the same way.
This will prevent mature fruits from being obtained by birds and animals.Plant potatoes in a pile of car tires.Put the three together and fill them up slowly with compost materials.When the sun is heated, the tire will accelerate the decomposition.
To harvest compost, just take out one tire at a time and dig out the compost.Tires can be used as structures for growing tomatoes.The heat they release helps boost growth.These can be used to protect leeks when they start growing.
Put 6 to 8 cardboard tubes in a plastic ice bagcream tub.Fill the tube with good soil before planting runner beans or tomatoes.Put a small plastic purse on top.It will be a small greenhouse.Put the roll directly into the garden with a good cardboard tube and it breaks down.
Plant carrots in it and you will end up with long straight carrots.Beans can be grown in the same way.Start in the greenhouse.6 to 8 cardboard tubes will be perfectly installed in fruit punnet.These are essential items for assigning gardeners, and if you find some free items on freecycle, grab them with both hands.
They can be part of the Scarecrow costume.Can be used as decorative flowerpots.The rusty old trolley is a great plantation owner.Can be used for storage on the allocation.
Paint the white items with Hammerite so that they can fit into the surroundings harmoniously without rust.Wood chips from local tree surgeons.It can be compost or used as a covering to keep the garden free of weeds.These can be used to make raised garden beds or shelves in the shed.
It can help keep weeds on small roads, and sometimes it can also be used to isolate compost piles or soil in winter.The nitrogen content of wool carpets is also high, and it has been proved that they can significantly increase the growth of plants.Can be used in the manufacture of elevated bed system.
These can be used to grow seedlings.
Drain a few holes in the bottom.
The color is yellow and it is said to attract cockroaches and snails.Pour the beer in, and the sluslu and the snail will drown the sadness in the beer.The end of the story is appropriate.It is a very satisfying profession to grow and eat your own food.
Plant them in placement with people who share your interests, which makes it more interesting.The favorable factor is that you always know where your vegetables or fruits come from and you may even build deep friendships with people who share your interests.Never throw anything away.To be a loyalty.Cultivate the plants you inherit from the previous assigned owners.
The apple trees and Jerusalem plants in these pictures are a perfect example of this.These plants can last for 20 years, and by inheriting these mature plants and trees, you are definitely the right winner.Don't rush to tear anything off before you assess the potential of your site.
Some pruning can benefit the old tree.
But most of them will live longer than you and provide delicious fruit for you and your friends and neighbors.Think about their potential before you dig them out.Plant only the plants you and your family like to eat.
Grow tomatoes and strawberries.
When both fruits fail, it is worth it.
Grow expensive vegetables in shops.
Do not grow fruits or vegetables that can be picked up from the grocery store with little to nothing.Grow things like nut pumpkins, especially if you don't have enough space.Potatoes take up more space.Don't rush in and try digging too much too fast.
Start your ground preparations in the fall with the goal of completing your excavation work by the end of the year.Remove perennial weeds;Try not to break the root, try not to leave debris on the ground.These will only grow again.Start a compost pile.Don't sow too early.Regularly water newly planted seedlings and collect as much rain as possible.
Rain is better for your plants and good for the environment.When possible, plant seeds in rows.Covering the covering on the bare soil will help to slow down the growth of weeds and improve the water holding capacity.The goal is to get continuous crops throughout the year.
If your assignment is part of the association, join.You will meet new friends and you will even have the opportunity to attend some of the social events they have arranged.Learn from more experienced placement owners and follow their example.
If they tell you the badgers will ruin your corn, you 'd better trust them.The online distribution Forum is a great place to exchange ideas.Use this great resource and don't be shy about asking questions when you need answers.
Record your success or failure on the assignment.Take a lot of photos before and after the photos so you can plan your journey.Monetize your site with Google Adsense and you can even pay for your seed by writing.
Do you have any recycling or gardening skills?Please share with us if you have your own recycling skills.I will add them to this list of more and more gardening and recycling tips for distribution owners everywhere
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