Hannah B.'s 'Bachelorette' premiere: Here's a bro, there's a bro, everywhere a bro, bro - cardboard watch box

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-24
Hannah B.\'s \'Bachelorette\' premiere: Here\'s a bro, there\'s a bro, everywhere a bro, bro  -  cardboard watch box
Hannah B.Toast at the premiere of "single woman.Hannah B.Toast at the premiere of "single woman.This is for Hannah because she survived the "single" premiere on Monday night and didn't stumble over her wordsRelying on "rolling tide" as space-filler.Dear Hannah, we admit we underestimated you.Please forgive us.Our single woman met 30 men on the show.From international basketball players to the boxing king to two pilots, two Lukes and one unemployed dude.
As one contestant said properly: "There is a brother here, brothers everywhere."There are the best and the worst moments and the most memorable players.-Hannah told Scott, 28, the best time to "I love the modern kitchen with rustic colors"year-The old sales executive from Chicago invited her to design her dream house.
This is her first.
on-Soon I saw a bunch of sick people.
Walk out of the limo in a suit, skip the door of the mansion, or rush out of the carton.Scott concurs;He also likes the modern kitchen.However, Hannah does not like men who already have a girlfriend at home.
We soon learned about Scott's background.
Two of Hannah's friends Katie and Demi came here last season to be on guard behind the scenes and give a single woman a kiss --of-death tidbit.Hannah quickly called Scott aside and asked if it was true.Yes, he spoke to her recently on Monday, but they broke up.
Is there a problem?Scott (and hundreds of men on Tinder are dating several different women this week) asked.Scott tried to defend himself and asked if his recent girlfriend was worse than Hannah fell in love with Colton a few months ago?It's a very different thing, Scott.No, no.Hannah's chin almost fell into the newly washed mansion.
"If you're not serious, there's no reason you're here," Hannah said .".Unfortunately, "single" players have a long history of having a girlfriend at home.Do you remember Joe and Robbie?Thankfully, Hannah dealt with it quickly and decisively.
Buh-bye, Scott.
-The worst moment is "how do you perform so well in freestyle rap?Asked a contestant."ABC."Always Cam," replied the worst Cam.Yes, in Cam (30-year-The old software sales manager in Texas thinks that the most important quality for women is "good dental hygiene") launched this rap: "I'm going to keep it fresh the car I came out of/You know my demo of action plan for this area/It's your son Cam and the mic on my back/I want it to live hype like I do /You have a soul worth saving for what you know about me/I am trying to win the game, the last rose like my name is Nick Saban, I'm ready to go!While Cam is not the first player in the history of the "Bachelor" series to show some questionable Liberal style skills, he is definitely the first person to name --Give up the famous football coach at the University of Alabama.Hannah is obviously a proud alamami and she loves it.
Of course, Cam is also thinking strategically --When he was one of the five lucky contestants, he performed rap in the third, and they met Hannah early after the "last rose."Hannah dazzled him in the first freestyle and she gave him a rose, which meant he was under pressure to get into the premiere --He is free to know that he cannot be eliminated."I spit out some bars like Willie Wonka so it's not a big deal.
.."I have to keep the momentum going," Wordsmith Cam told the camera ."."I'm not here for my 15-minute fame.I'm here for the love of my life"-The most memorable player's careerKnown as prosopsia sia, cognitive impairment is commonly referred to as "facial blindness "."It's hard for patients to tell.In serious cases, they cannot recognize the faces of their relatives or their own faces in the photos.
The first episode of watching "single woman" is to appreciate what the plocophencia people endure.There are too many white men with the same hairstyle.They all look alike.Are they all called Conor?How many of them are Luke?Of course, there are at least four Ben here.
We cannot tell how these human dinners are separated.Anyway, most of these guys are cannon fodder.shark chum -Will be eliminated soon.This is a program where people selling cartons have too much personality.
You really don't need to know anyone's name until episode 5.But that's why their position is so important.Thomas works as an "international basketball player" and everyone understands that it means he is not good enough to be an American basketball player.
Golfer Garrett told Hannah that he "wanted to be a hole in her" and that we wanted to climb out of the skin.There was a pilot who made a fatal mistake in plain clothes.Then another pilot in uniform.(Guess who got the rose?John Paul Jones introduced himself: "My friend called me John Paul Jones.
His job title: John Paul Jones.
There's also a guy named Grant who when he shows up on the screen, his business card says "unemployed," because producers are usually good at making fake jobs for people who don't have any jobs --"Content creators", "social media participants", "Dolphin lovers "-They must hate this guy very, very much.In addition to Cam's nightmarish performance, this original night lacked a comical and gorgeous setUsually takes up the introduction of the first episode most of the time.There are, of course, too many jokes, and even Hannah admits that many of her suitors seem to have rehearsed for a few days.
One of the boys showed up on the tractor and used a version of "Old MacDonald" to sing a serenade for Hannah, the lyrics are rewritten as about his name Matt Donald ("It's a brother with brothers everywhere, brother.) Another mention of the last season of The Bachelor, skipping a door.We have forgotten his name.This face is not recognized!-As much as we have forgotten, it is puzzling that the whole fence jumping thing is something we have been concerned about for weeks.
But then there was Joe, who did not arrive so much, but was sitting in a huge cardboard container, carrying it in with a forklift, and he spring out of the container.He was happy, but somehow, like Zach galifaniakis from direct-to-DVD imitation of hangover."I live by selling parcels.That's why I jumped out of the box, "Joe later told Hannah in an explanation that his official job description was" King of the box ".
"I can design -I can make -Box of any type."Now that we think of it, though, the box he came in seemed a little flimsy.Maybe that's why Hannah asked him to pack.
There are two Luke's (there are 20 Luke's, there are unlimited Luke's, everyone is Luke's), and as we mentioned from now on, Luke gets the first oneImpression RoseWe're pretty sure he's going to be a villain.As we all know, "political advisor" little Luke works at a bar about seven blocks from our office and he can stay.There is a brother here, there is a brother there, and there is Luke everywhere.
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