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griplock systems by cameron forbes - - retail display hooks

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-23
griplock systems by cameron forbes -  -  retail display hooks
The Griplock system is an award-winningThe award-winning cable suspension system has become synonymous with the form, function and style of architectural lighting, retail display, logo suspension, Art suspension and hanging ceiling areas.Not only is it easy to use, compact in structure, with fault protection design and low profile, it is also the most popular and reliable tool used in trade shows, film and drama rigging.Great progress has been made in HVAC, cable trays and various other rigging applications.
The Griplock system is a secure, powerful, and simple multi-functional system on the market today that delivers thousands of precisionMake parts to adapt to almost all imaginable applications.An important part of the Griplock system is the Griplock Glider, which is a special adjustable instrument specially designed to safely lock on a large number of stranded aircraft cables.Adjustment without any tools;The whole system is up or down, down or up.
Hanging artwork and murals on exquisite stainless steel aircraft cables has become a fashion for art show lovers and private collectors.What you need to do is install our low profile track along your wall, plug in the cable and place the cable and stick your mural.With the adjustable cable glider, you can place any photo frame or artwork anywhere on the wall and can change it at any time.
In addition to this, there are facilities for the cable ring that can be used to hang the painting on a hook or nail and do not need to be used with the track.Another valuable addition to the Griplock series is the Griplock holder, which is a self-containedLock, fully adjustable, precision-built cable-Grab tools that can be easily installed and adjusted without tools.Other grab system products are used for commercial and industrial lighting, retail displays, art galleries, movie presentations and many other applications.
The Griplock system comes with a standard and proprietary cable suspension kit.A standard Powerfeed cable suspension device that includes an adjustable grip Holder, an aircraft cable with terminals, a cable coupler, a beam support rod, a canopy, a power cord, and other hardwareFor fixtures that are a little bit wider than others, a Griploc Y-The cable suspension system is used with one cable.For the system, there is a horizontal pass-Use the cable attached to it.
You can install the fully adjustable cable loop manufacturer of Griplock \ without any tools.A common use of this system is hanging highBay industrial equipment using Y-Cable.For more information, please visit www.Griplock systems.Or visit the website http:/usaliight.Com/Take a look at the various options offered by Griplock systems.
The Griplock system can also be customizedThe place to decide the design of gliders, cables and terminals, suspension kits and other components.However, you will need to wait 90 days before the order is shipped to your destination.Additional charges will apply for these services.
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