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great technical writing: make your product fit - shoe polish

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-31
great technical writing: make your product fit  -  shoe polish
Most product documentation sounds like the only product in the user's life.Such thinking leads to confusion and discontent among users.This article introduces three realExamples of life with this attitude and what should be done to remedy these unfortunate situations.
Finally, some techniques of the author are proposed.Two important facts are ignored in the user document: 1.Your product is just a secondary item in your user's life.
Your user documentation must help to incorporate your product into the user's life User documentation that is written with knowledge of these facts for a better user experience.Here are three examples of what the author (always wrong) thinks their product is the only thing in the user's life.Most people know about polishing and maybe cleaning their leather shoes.
This cleaning/protection product is designed to clean, protect and polish shoes.These instructions just tell the user how to apply the product.\ R what the user is used to: I wipe my shoes with normal wax (or liquid.
\ R question: if the user wants to polish the shoes and use your cleaner/protector, what order of cleaner and cleaner/protector should be used?These instructions just tell the user how to use the cleaner/protector.It's like detergent/protector is the only shoe product at the moment.\ R possible solution: cleaner/protector instructions may say (depending on the situation): \ r wait a few minutes and wipe the excess with a clean cloth.
Then polish your shoes in the usual way with your regular shoe oil.Finally, use the cleaner/protector again, but don't wipe it clean.\ R these instructions will make the instructions more efficient and can be easily installed on the package.
\ R Example 2: the DVD player didn't realize I had a VCRPeople buying a DVD player a few years ago, as follows.They have a VCR connected to a single video input on the TV.The instructions for the DVD player describe how to connect the player to the TV using video input.
The instruction ignores how to connect the player if there is already a VCR connected to the TV's unique video input.\ R what the user is used to: the only video input that the VCR connects to my old TV.Problem: My new DVD player needs to be connected to the TV with unique video input.
Do I have to buy a switch or switch the DVD player and VCR manually?\ R solution: The author should provide some tips or instructions on how to set up a DVD player in the customer's real environmentlife situation.These instructions may include how to connect DVD videos via VCR.Or connect the DVD to the video input of the TV and connect the antenna of the VCR to the antenna input of the TV.
Both devices can be connected without the need to purchase additional parts.Instructions should mention how.This will improve the experience of users setting up new devices.(It should also be mentioned in the instruction manual that these methods of connecting devices produce less than ideal images.
) \ R Example 3: A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner products users usually wash their hair and can then use A separate conditioner product.He/she has just purchased your product, a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.No instructions.\ R what users are used to: use shampoo on their hair and rinse it immediately.
Leave a few minutes of conditioner on the hair and rinse it clean.\ R question: is this 2-in-1 product left in the hair or washed away immediately?Solution: provide the correct instructions on the package.Or, if it doesn't matter how long a product in 1 2 stays on the hair, then say so.
Don't let users guess.
If the user wants to guess what, then they will read the novel instead of your user documentation.\ R bottom line: how to do something for your document? Check the product based on how the product will change the user's current way of doing things.How will it fit into the user's life?How does this product match other products your users use?Make sure your user documentation helps users integrate their products into their lives effectively.
By ignoring the actual situation of the user, you force him/her to solve the problem that you can easily solve.If you provide a solution, you will create a better product experience for your users
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