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Girl Scout SWAP Ideas - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
Girl Scout SWAP Ideas  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Swap is nothing more than a small craft hand-made by Girl Scout members.In addition to what gifts you can make for girls from other forces, this information also provides a brief history.Swap, referred to as "something special is affectionately fixed somewhere", "shared with friends" or "shared with purpose", is a famous Girl Scout tradition, encourage friendship between girls belonging to different forces.
The girls make cute crafts and exchange them with girls from other forces.The bill describes the purpose of promoting friendship between the armed forces.Spending a lot of money on items is not mandatory as you can also use simple crafts.
These exchanges have pins in the back so they can be nailed to bags, clothes, hats, or uniforms.These items can also come with name, Army name, emailThe email address of the girl who traded.The rules and regulations for the exchange may vary from force to force.
Cap,xa0Pencil,xa0Process foam (light color ),xa0Safety Pin,xa0Knife,xa0Ink pad (water-based).Make circles with caps and pencils.Use a tool knife to cut a small circle from the process foam.Press your thumb on the ink pad and gently press on each round foam.
Put a safety pin on the back.
Twist your eyes,xa0Plaster of Parisxa0Paint in red and blackxa0Glue,xa0Spoon,xa0Flat back pin.Prepare the Paris plaster mixture and pour it into the spoon.Once the plaster in Paris is dry, take it out of the spoon and paint it like a lady bug.
Connect the swinging eyes to the lady bug and paste a flat back foot on it.Process foam (bright color ),xa0Glue,xa0Flat back pin,xa0Black markerCut the colored foam into the shape of the sunglasses.Color the lens with the help of the black mark.
Attach a flat back pin to the back of it.
Process foam (moreColor ),xa0Glue,xa0Safety pin.Draw a triangle from a yellow and brown craft foam to form a shape like a slice of pizza.Paste the yellow foam on the tan foam.The remaining craft foam (red, green, brown) is then cut into small pieces and randomly glued to the yellow foam.
Put a security pin on the corner of the pizza slice.Craft foam (red and black ),xa0Flash,xa0Small transparent bagxa0Safety pin.Cut the hat and carrot nose shape from the black and red craft foam respectively.
Place these cuts in a small transparent bag and add a white flash to the bag.Put a safety pin on the end of the bag.The tradition of exchange is said to have originated from Native Americans.They once exchanged colored feathers at the banquet as a symbol of friendship.
It is said that two Native American girls picked the colored feathers of a magical bird and gave it to a colorless bird to make sure all the birds are colored.It is said that a banquet ceremony was held in honor of the two girls.Later, Potlatch ceremonies were held on various occasions such as weddings, births and other celebrations.
At the end of the ceremony, the host gave the guests a gift.The first official exchange took place in Jamboree, England.The event was held to cheer the hospitalized scouts up because they could not attend the Boy Scouts at the convention.
The exchange was arranged between the healthy boy scouts and the hospitalized boy scouts.This exchange originated at the national conference on agricultural development.There are a lot of ideas that you can even come up with to exchange ideas for your own innovations.
So, if you're going to take part in a training camp, then use these ideas to strengthen your friendship with other force girls
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