g.o.p. leader solicits money for charity tied to convention - brochure displays

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g.o.p. leader solicits money for charity tied to convention  -  brochure displays
14,200 3It is an unusual charity brochure: 13-
Page document with pictures of fireworks and golf courses, inviting potential donors to donate up to $500,000 to spend time with Tom dillay at the Republican convention in New York City next summer ---
Use part of the money to help abused and neglected children.
On behalf of DeLay, who worked for troubled children and was criticized for his aggressive political fund --
He grew up in a career in Congress and, through his staff, said the fundamental purpose of the whole effort was to help children.
But his assistant
House Majority Leader DeLay from Texas admits part of the money will be spent on late fees
In President Bush's speech at Madison Square Garden and yacht cruise, this is a luxury suite.
Campaign finance supervisors said.
Most importantly, the delayed efforts can be seen as creative operations around the recently enacted laws designed to limit the ability of federal officials to raise large amounts of donations known as soft currencies.
Democratic 21 President Fred weitheimer said: "They use the idea of helping children to blatantly cover up the idea of funding activities related to a convention with a huge unlimited, undisclosed, unregulated contribution, washington, which helped push the recent campaign for financial law reform.
Other lawmakers are likely to follow suit. DeLay's lead.
Majority Leader Senator Bill Frith has planned to hold concerts and receptions with the General Assembly as a way to raise money for AIDS charities. Mr. advertising
Delayed charity, Children's celebrations
Established in September, there is no working record. Mr.
DeLay is not a formal official of the charity, but its manager is Mr.
The delayed daughter Danni delayed the iron;
Longtime consultant Craig Richardson
And Rob Jennings, the Republican fund. raiser. Mr.
Richardson said the new charity will pay the manager's salary. Mr.
Richardson said the goal is to donate 75% of the money raised to children's charities, including some in the New York area.
The charity also plans to hold other events in the Super Bowl, he said.
But since the money collected goes into a non-profit organization, donors can enjoy tax breaks. And Mr.
The delay will never have to say publicly who contributed, and campaign finance experts say it protects those who may be trying to win the favor of one of Washington's most powerful lawmakers. Mr.
Richardson denied the criticism.
He said that there are parties to each convention by doing so
Delay is to give some money to a worthwhile cause. He said Mr.
DeLay has a long record of funding neglected children through his own child DeLay Foundation in Houston.
"In any case, we are taking advantage of this opportunity to hold a party, but to return the money to abused and neglected children," he said.
Richardson said.
The brochure was obtained by The New York Times on Friday and was reported yesterday in a newspaper Roll Call in Washington on some aspects of it.
Next summer, when the parties hold a presidential nomination conference, it will be the first time they will hold an event under the restrictions imposed by the new electoral law, which limits the ability of federal officials to raise soft money.
Although most congressional leaders have been raising soft money over the years,
In his efforts, delays are often offensive. Mr. advertising
It is not alone to try to find a way to continue to provide entertainment for those attending the meeting, including taking places at his table. Like Mr. DeLay, Dr.
Tennessee Republican fridges is applying for a charity fund.
Proposed to the convention.
He plans to host a reception and concert at Rockefeller Center during the conference, promising to donate money to five AIDS charities.
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In a letter sent on behalf of the "Senator's first charity event", potential donors ---
The top is $250,000--
It was suggested that "this was the only event during the General Assembly that Senator Frith would personally preside over.
"Spokesman for the doctor
The work is still in the early stages of planning, and senators have not yet set up a charity organization to raise the money, Frith said.
But his plan is not ambitious as Mr Obama. DeLay's. Mr.
DeLay provides, among other things, a private dinner with himself and his wife;
Opportunities to participate in the golf tournament; a late-
Night party with rock band;
Luxury suites for elected officials and donors;
Cruise, Broadway tickets and more.
All of these activities welcome other elected officials.
But by holding events at the conference-
Working under the auspices of a charity-Mr.
Experts in the electoral law and tax law say the delay has entered a gray area of morality.
Larry Noble, executive director of the Washington response political center and former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission, said the incident itself was carried out in a political atmosphere.
"It's obviously playing with the political leadership of the delay, and also playing with people who think it's in their political interest to attend the Republican convention.
"In this sense, it is political," he added . ".
"But does this represent a political event for charities? ''Mr.
Richardson said that the new charity has filed a tax exemption application with the domestic tax bureau, which will prohibit the organization from supporting political candidates if it is eligible for tax exemption.
Advertising also means that some donations will be exempt ---
The amount of the donation, less the fair market value that the donor receives or enjoys during his time with Mr. DeLay. The I. R. S.
It is prohibited by law to confirm or reject its application. But Marcus S.
Owens has served as director of the I. Exempt Organization Division for 10 years. R. S.
He said the link between charity-sponsored events and the Republican convention could raise a red flag at the tax authorities.
"This is a factor that suggests that the organization may not be non-partisan and that there may be factors for recognition in the organization's activities," he said . "Owens said.
No matter what its ultimate advantage is, delay the fund
Raise the brochure to show a certain out-of-
Find out the date of the New York scene.
In this brochure, the scale of the donation is named after more names-or less --
Exclusive blocks start from the Upper East Side, up to $500,000, ending at $10,000 in Greenwich Village, maybe that shows
DeLay's people did not investigate the recent asking price for a house in a town near the city center.
He also took Midtown (at $50,000)above SoHo (at $25,000).
Conservative masters of the Brave New Yorker, a Manhattan relocation company, said: "Midtown is much cheaper than SoHo or villages . ".
"I don't know what they're talking about.
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A version of this article was printed on page A00001 of the National edition on November 14, 2003 with the title: G. O. P.
Leaders raise money for charity related to the meeting.
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