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Fun Crafts for Girls - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
Fun Crafts for Girls  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Whether it's a birthday party on a Sunday afternoon or a leisure event, indulging in fun crafts is an ideal way to kill time.One way to use your girl's creativity is to introduce her to art and crafts.This will also guarantee her all-round development.
Research has shown that teenagers and young girls take the time to pursue arts and crafts, perform well academically and can cope with issues such as peer pressure.Fun crafts are also a great way for parents and children to spend some great time together.Here are some ideas for simple and interesting crafts for girls.
 x99xa0Buy beads from local gift shops.
There are many kinds of glass beads, shell beads, wood beads and so on. x99xa0Once you have chosen the beads, take a thread or elastic band and carefully sow the beads in with the help of the needle. x99xa0You can use the bottle cap as a pendant with your favorite picture in it and color the top half by coloring it.
 x99xa0You can wear this unique designer jewelry around your neck or ankle.It also looks beautiful as a bracelet and guarantees that your friends will want to learn how to make it.Get two zip lock bags and put them on each other in one wayThe fourth part of their lower half overlaps with each other.
Make sure the opening direction of the two bags is opposite;Stick the lower half of the bag together.Cover the surface of the bag with a thin layer of glue and attach a sparkling colored button to it.You can even make a design that shows your initials;This may be a very unique personal feeling.
Finally, take the hairpin and clip it with a clip so you can split the zipper lock bag in half and look like the wings of a pigeon.Draw hair pins in your chosen color.Draw a picture of your favorite sleeping partner (character or animal) on a piece of cloth and put another piece of cloth below.Cut the picture so you have two sheets of paper that are also cut off.
Draw the outline of your sleeping partner on the fabric and then add the body features.For example, if it is a teddy bear, you can sow black buttons on its eyes and sow ears at the end of the sock.Fill one of your socks with cotton or foam and sow it on the bear as a tail.
Finally, plant two identical pieces of cloth together in half, fill the hollow parts between them with cotton or foam, and sow them all the way.Let your imagination flow, come up with new ideas for interesting crafts and put them into use immediately.After all, "Action is the magic word "
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