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by:SAFEKA      2019-07-30
free online  -  -  greeting card display racks
An e-Cards are well known now.E-The card is similar to a greeting card or postcard, the main difference is that it is made in digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials.E-Usually on a variety of Internet sites, publishers can provide cards for free or for a fee and can usually send them to recipients by emailmail.E-It is considered that cards are more natural and friendly because their carbon footprint is usually much lower than paper card companies, so it is more acceptable in the modern world and because it is not used in the final productE-Cards are digital-generated content that is usually provided over the Internet, which makes them more common than traditional greeting cards that are common before the Internet.
For example, unlike traditional greetings,Cards can be easily sent to people at the same time, or specially personalized by the sender.It can be imagined that people can be saved to any computer or any other electronic device no matter what the electronic device isIn terms of different usage, the digital content of the card has not yet developed into digital generation video and audio.An E-Card sender select from on-E-line directoryCards provided on the publisher's website.
After selecting the card, the sender can personalize the card in various ways by adding information, photos or videos.Finally, the sender specifies the email of the recipientEmail address and websiteSend a message to the recipient on behalf of the sender.E-Since 90 years, about at the time of its birth, card technology has improved significantly.
One of the technical aspects that have remained the same is the delivery mechanism: E-CommerceThe message received by the recipient does not contain the emailThe card itself, but a personal coding link to the publisher's website, which shows that the sender's card is exactly the same as the one originally configured.Postcards use static images.This is the first kind of e-commerce.Cards used by people.The recipient looks at a single artistic image with personalized greeting messages.Flash animated greeting cards: electronic greeting cards of this typeThe card is based on 2-Vector Animation controlled in script language.
The recipient sees an animated short film that typically lasts 10-25 seconds.Animation seems to have an animated character style due to the nature of the content, although some Flash creations can be very realistic.A sound track, usually accompanied by an animation, which may contain a voice, music, or natural sound.
E-Cards can be sent on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other occasions.So next Christmas, if you can't go and meet your relatives or friends, then don't relax your heart and try emailAnd express your greetings to them.At Christmas, you can easily find one according to your choice.
With the development of mobile technology, the multimedia message service based on picture SMS is becoming more and more popular in the world.E-Cards can now be sent to mobile devices and mobile phones.\ 'Mcards or mobile electronics-Cards are usually provided by different mobile content providers and operators.
Similar to e-Cards, mCards can also contain multiple pictures, many new types of music and text messages
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