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fourth of july 2009 dog costume ideas by julie morgan - make a life size cut out

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-26
fourth of july 2009 dog costume ideas by julie morgan  -  make a life size cut out
Do you celebrate July 4 with your beloved dog?You can get your pet to wear patriotic doggy outfits for the celebration!Here are ideas on how to make patriotic dog clothing at home.When you dress up your dog with a homemade pet costume, please consider safety.The costume shouldn't be too tight, so your dog's movements won't be restricted or too loose, so he won't stumble over the costume.
Not all dogs wear clothing, so take off the clothing immediately if your dog doesn't like it.We will make a hat and bracelet for all four colors for red, blue and white claws.Cylindrical(For large dogs) or plastic bottles of other shapes;A plastic can (e.
Vitamin packaging for smaller dogs) for the cylindrical part of the cap;Some packaging foam plastic on the top of the hat;Cardboard on the edge;A elastic band (matching the color of your dog) used to attach a hat to the head of your dog and hold the bracelet;Fabric of patriotic color;+ scissors;+ a needle;A line of red, white, or blue;+ a glue-gun with low-Melt the glue (be careful not to be scalded );+ a marker.1.Cut some plastic bottles so that it can be the main body of the top hat.Try to level the edges evenly.Place an opening end of the bottle on the flat side of the plastic foam and draw a circle with a marker pen.
Pay attention to the allowance for cutting and cutting pills-Like a bubble.Foam pills must be easily placed in the bottle.2.Mark a circle on the cardboard to form an edge.
The circle must be larger than the diameter of the bottle (the body of the hat ).To draw this circle, you can use a jar, a larger plastic bottle, or something else that is round.Cut a penny-Size holes in the center of the cardboard edge.
Take a piece of fabric, cover the edge from one side and pull the edge to the hole.Allow half an inch of fabric to be sewn and cut out the necessary amount of fabric.3.Cut a small hole in the center of the fabric, aligned with the hole in the center of the edge.
Cut out some elastic bands enough to wrap around the head of your dog.Stitch or glue the edges of the fabric and the ends of the elastic band through that hole.The elastic band should make a ring that can catch the dog's head.
Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the body of the hat, allowing half inch each on all four sides in order to overlap and fold on the edge of the bottle.Glue one side of the cloth to the bottle (from one side to the other) and make it dry well.Wrap the cloth around the bottle and stick the other side to or next to the bottle.
Fold the edges and glue in the bottle.
Cover and glue fabric on foam pills.
Stick the now-There are colorful foam pills in the bottle, so it forms the top of the hat.Stick the hat to the edge.For durability, you can stick a foam pill (no fabric) to the bottle ).When the cap is attached to the edge, this will allow the larger surface to bond together.
Measure the circumference of your dog paw where you want the bracelet.Decide the width of the bracelet you want.Cut out four pieces of fabric of the following Size: claw circumference plus a few inches, double the width of the bracelet, plus a 1/2 seam allowance.
To make a bracelet, take a piece of fabric and fold it up.Sew the long edges together.Turn.Put the elastic band into the hose and stitch the ends of the elastic band together.Carefully sew the end of the hose together.
Repeat the other three bracelets.
By changing the color of the fabric, you can easily modify this homemade dog dress to welcome another holiday
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