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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; 230 Some Things are Just Plain Weird - dump bin display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-17
Eric’s Sunday Sermon; 230 Some Things are Just Plain Weird  -  dump bin display
I wrote another wonderful sermon.Read it, label it, and put it in the bin.For some reason, I rely entirely on Sunday to write and publish.I mentioned this because the early weekday sermon was very clever.Yes, they are all intellectuals.They were almost ruthless when I read them.
They should appear to have attached references and footnotes as well as credits, citations and copyrights.Most people will at least realize that our traditional church is reading the Bible for any particular Sunday service, and that is the whole content of the sermon.There are song books and mis books, and there are books that pray together.
This is in line with the periodic liturgy or agreement to use rotating litany.Some people refer to "rit ".So the second Sunday of March 2010 is the same every three years.These sermons did not do so.I mean, just look at the second paragraph above is boring!!If I do, I can go ahead and write it very easily.
Please note that I attended a church where the same sermon was used one Sunday year after year.That is a trip.This is the way I read my first sermon, which is wrong for my way of thinking and praying.Just took a break and caught up with some sunrise and the birds are already in effect.
The buzzing bird feeder is active and The Crow is already in pain.There are tits everywhere on the fruit trees.Lazy old fat cat Sylvester looks on the fence.
Silvester won't look for anything but her feed bowl.Oh, we gave her a name.And the sermon.These animals are not shy to our neighbors.Because there is no threat, the habits of many years make them feel comfortable, and I think it even makes them feel safer.
"Complacent "?Falcons, eagles, and owls avoid us humans, and therefore our birds.But there are always newbies coming in from us humans and getting a fright.On the other hand, it means we have wild mice.
When we were not interested in anything else, we used an isolation method.I think Jesus once said that Lily doesn't have to worry about it, but was taken care of by God and dressed in the best color-well, in my old brain, he also refers to birds.Somewhere Matthew wrote.So the idea was implanted.No Fear!Or we hope not to worry or worry.This is the case through love.Yes, this is the basic order of things, probably the most basic love.
Don't cause fear in others.
We do the same around here.
The 8-year-old is not under threat.
Well, maybe mom did a little while doing numbers;-We make a concept of logical perception.If soNo one wants a second, no matter what it is.Perhaps there is no fear here that will lead to some problem of obedience.
This is the last part here.
The birds and plants here are taken care of in love.We love them and won't hurt them, they know that.We don't really care about spiders, aphids and flies.
Garlic-based pesticides make them unusable.But for the weeds left in our garden, they are usually just sick.The water here is too bad. if I spray off the plants, I will die.If one is still using Nongda glyphosate, maybe they should be sent to.
Education camp.
Vinegar and salt worked well, but it was quickly washed away.That's half of it.A festival of synergy and plant animal love.We have a hospital, Newt.But he was comfortable, just hanging out on the kitchen floor.
My son and I had to move him to the garden with a lizard.If mom saw him, she would be frightened.Besides, he needs some water.Maybe we should be more traditional.Just like normal people, eradicate our garbage.Yes, it's not a typo, I mean pets and not pests.
Ray next door is a pest.
These guys are our friends.
They seem to have been tamed to some extent.It's like I tame my anger or improve my appetite.However, I seem arrogant so far.The answer to this idea is that we do it ourselves.
There is a dog, even a dog saved for the dog or the owner.Think about those "companion" dogs on your next flight.Think about the best friends of nature.Many people say they do it for their children, which seems right.
I think that makes us realize the need for fear.I have these two places that are a bit cruel, not a link, just type it into Google God;Grand Canyon of Paradise and Grand Canyon of Thunder River.Once I will save the story of the hike and get stuck another time.
When I respected this, I endured the hard hiking for me.Let me tell you that getting there with a 50 pound backpack is more terrible and difficult than the writer can tell.But I did it for me.I took my son, the older son, to visit the wonders of nature.
Now he and his mob took me away.
Oh my God, I did this for me.
Maybe I preach for me here.
I think it's great.
Doing nature and being a part of it creates blurry lines.It was on the stage of help that I became dizzy.My wife made no secret of our beggars, for Christ taught our little son, as she did.
I think maybe she did some teaching and passing for herself.Some people like to insist that if you do a good job for yourself, they will not recover.They were wrong.If love makes you love, then leave love.Love will produce love, love will produce more love and infinite love.
It does not need to return to the "circus ".Everywhere.It's easy to have formal friends here.If love makes you happy, happy!If the giver does not love, what will happen to the gift of love?Yes, we are talking about loving ourselves.I get confused sometimes.Did I put some milk for Sylvester or did I put Mr.
Is it for me or for them?I'm talking about a victory.Even Karma will work here.Help has even created a new birth for our connection to the divine.You guessed it. nature is divine.The day after tomorrow is very natural.I just stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, thought for a moment, and wanted to say;Thank Jesus for giving me the ability to love.
We cannot take it for granted.
So Let's summarize.
You don't need to know me.
You don't need to love directly in my wayYou just put love out there and bingo game got into the atmosphere and I got some overall.Not just your love, but all the love outside.I'm over now.I'm going to go out and try to get the cultivation of Bougainville cloth.
I hope it's good for both me and her.
Just to throw the wrench.
I play in Berkeley.
Stopped on the train with the others and although it was a bit embarrassing for my son, I still liked it.Please be very afraid of losing love
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