Easy Upgrades to Lighten and Brighten Your Living Space - how to make a cardboard greeting card di

Easy Upgrades to Lighten and Brighten Your Living Space - how to make a cardboard greeting card display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-20
Easy Upgrades to Lighten and Brighten Your Living Space  -  how to make a cardboard greeting card display stand
When it comes to interior design, it's a smart idea to pick where you want to save and where you want to splurge.Interior designers tend to agree that lighting is a place where you want to splurge because the light can have a significant impact on your entire space.But what if your budget asks you to stay a little longer on the "save" side of the track?Fortunately, there are some simple and affordable design tips to lighten and illuminate any room without damaging the bank.
The secret is to choose the right window handling method (hello, natural light!) As well as some simple and easy to use decoration changes.And best yet?You can complete these updates in one afternoon.Believe me, I know.When my husband and I first moved into our home, our retro living room felt dark and dim due to olive green paint on the walls.
Even though we have floors in our combined living room and dining roomto-The windows of the ceiling, the layers of old curtains block the natural light.I know I want to redesign the room so the atmosphere can reflect a space of sunshine, warmth and warmth.The first thing?The walls are dark green.We painted the room bright white and it was a good light reflection device.
But that's not enough.
The curtains are the culprit in making the room feel dark and heavy.So I put on my DIY and design hat and made some updates that completely changed the look and feel of the space while staying within our budget.Below, I provide my best advice for anyone who wants to make the room bright.
We know that in order to make major changes, we need to choose the right window treatment for our floorto-Ceiling windows.My husband and I want a light.Filter shadows to maximize the amount of sunlight received in our room while maintaining balance.Let's take down the old treatment and then measure the new one.
The functionality of the ribbon roller shadow is similar to sheer, allowing you to choose between on, off, and.Although they are a good choice for multi-function lighting control, we decided to use the lights in the endFilter pure shadows for our home.After they arrived, it took us only an hour and a half to install four custom curtains, which made us hope we made this switch after moving in three years ago.
The room immediately felt bigger, brighter and more appealing than ever before.The whole room was well lit.There's always a difference-you'll want to choose a work that's lighter in color, and you'll probably want to choose a single, larger piece --Zoom the work instead of hanging a series of smaller frame prints.The idea is to increase your space so don't ruin the room with a lot of heavy, dark art.
Another simple art deco trick is to hang a mirror on the wall in order to reflect all the beautiful natural light throughout the space.When you look at the furniture accent in your space, consider replacing dark, heavy blankets and faux fur pillows with something lighter in color and texture.Collect fluffy pillows and fabrics to highlight your seat with a light seatColor fabric that does not drag down the visual weight of the room.
This is also a great place to blend bold colors-Just make sure to choose a palette that feels like the reflection of natural light you want to enhance.Soft shades of light blue, light yellow and pink are all in-In your space, in addition to complex neutral substances like white and cream colors, you can also try various trend colors.Incorporate a metal accent into the room.vignette.Especially the part that needs to be placed in front of the window, you have the risk of blocking natural light.
Try using the lower seat option to sit on smooth legs, or look for a side table with modern spindle support instead of bulky drawers, giving the illusion of floating tables.Low of these typesContours do not block or block natural light from passing through the shadows behind them --it.When you do simple but impactful updates, such as adding pure shadows to your windows, your space will immediately look and feel brighter.
What about the best news?You can say you did it yourself within the budget.So, go ahead and set aside an afternoon to add a little extra light to the family and life of the season.To get more inspiration and ideas, be sure to check out the collection of light!.
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