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easy methods to repair wassily chairs - home improvement - shoe polish

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-31
easy methods to repair wassily chairs - home improvement  -  shoe polish
The Wassily chair represents a high quality modern furniture with a long background.Their creator, Marcel Brewer, developed them in 1925 and they are still being sold and used until today.There is no doubt that this illustrates their high quality.
There was a new breakthrough style at the time and it was easy to imagine why wassily chairs were such a huge achievement in the past.Nowadays, many brands copy this style and sell it in different brands.Many models exist now.Repairing a wassily chair is really challenging for newbies, especially when dealing with an overhaul, of course you are not advised to do it yourself.
It is important that you decide what to fix at the beginning.One of the most typical problems when dealing with wassily chairs is leather aging (back, arm, or seat ).In the serious case of cutting the leather, you must replace it completely.
This work can only be done by experienced leather sewers;You have to take your chair to a professional work shop.For smaller problems, such as wear marks or stains, you can use the color improvement kit to dye the leather.Anyone can do this and it doesn't cost much.
One of the cheapest solutions is to use regular shoe oil, but sometimes it can be risky.Before starting to repair the chair, it's also wise to try to find out what version you have.For example, the wassily chair produced by nol will have the authenticity and identification number.
The old species may be caused by Torne or Gavina.When you put different pieces of leather together, you have to use powerful high quality glue.Occasionally stitching will wear out and there will be separate parts that will have to be attached together.
After applying a high quality adhesive, just hold the leather elements and let them dry.The shoemaker can give you more useful tips when facing wear and tearout leather.The seams must also be redone using hooks and wax lines.
Pushing the needle in can be a bit difficult depending on the leather type.In these cases, a heavy object needs to be used to help
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