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Easy Instructions to Make a Flower Crown - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-14
Easy Instructions to Make a Flower Crown  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Wondering what to wear at the party will make you different?How about enlarging your look with flowers?You can wrap them all in wreaths to decorate your beautiful mane.Follow this article and you can learn all about gorgeous Corolla through 5 simple steps.Before you start making your Corolla, decide for yourself if you need a fresh Corolla or a bunch of artificial Corolla will be more attractive to you.
You can choose any of them to show off your exotic crown.The idea is to wear an easy-to-make floral crown that makes you look beautiful.If you want to use artificial flowers over and over again, like when you want to give it to someone, it's great.
Flowers are a great choice if you want to use only one crown.If it's someone's wedding or a holiday like Easter, they're also ideal.Or, whether these crowns are fresh or artificial, you can also use them as a showcase.
If it's fresh, you can dry them and hang them indoors to make some rustic walls.Measure the perimeter of your head and then cut the wires accordingly.Keep the wire a few inches longer than the actual size so you can wrap the rest around the coil you made to get a hard crown.
You can also wrap the floral tape around this frame so that the Crown gets a smooth texture and also a buff to the edge of the wire.Cut the stem of the flower into about 2-3 inches.We will keep the stems longer in length so that when we fix the flowers on the rings, we can easily wrap the flowers from the stems.
Now, if you make a crown with a bunch of small flowers and large flowers, you must first make them into a neat bunch of flowers.To make bunches, tie the flowers of your choice together as bouquets.Tie a string of wires around it.Now, fix this bouquet on the coil with the help of a wire.
Once finished, wrap it again with floral tape.Be sure to use pliers when fixing the wires as you may get hurt.Make enough bundles to wrap the loop.You need more bundles if you want to cover the whole loop;Otherwise, you can limit this number if you want to have some free space in the loop.
You don't need to make a bouquet if you only use larger flowers.Fix it directly on the ring and wrap the stem with flower tape.Handle the flowers carefully, otherwise you risk crushing the petals.
Repeat the steps as needed.
If you want to tie a ribbon on the crown, please keep some space behind the crown.Cut the ribbon at the length you choose.Wrap it along the free space on the side of the Crown and tie the knot.Always connect the flowers to the Loop in an outward way.
Evenly place the flowers on the coil along the side of the wire.Please pay attention to the direction so as not to get a random flower pattern
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