Duct Tape Rose Instructions - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
Duct Tape Rose Instructions  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Rose tape is easy to make.It's definitely one of those fun craft projects you'll definitely love.This write-Up provides instructions for making roses with tape.Some people have the knack of turning everything they come into work of art.
If you also have an artistic style, you can make flowers, wallets and even clothes with something as simple as a roll of tape.You can even make roses with tape and send them to your loved ones.Your gesturexa0Will be appreciated.The fact that you have done something for them with your own hands will make them feel special.
These will not disappear or wither like real roses.Let's start by making stems.Grab the wire and roll the green tape over the wire.Keep a small part of one end of the wire bare.
You can also replace the wire with a straw.Now that the stem is ready, you need to put the end of the uncovered wire of the stem on one side of the adhesive part of the tape and roll the petals tightly around the wire.To make petals, hold the tape measure and cut the strips in size 2 inch vertically.
When making petals, hold the tape the way you face it with a sticky side.Fold the upper right corner over yourself so that the inch of the sticky edge of the tape stays at the bottom, and about inch of the sticky side of the tape stays on the top side.Fold the top left corner flush with the top right corner so you get a colored triangle with only one inch sticky side visible on the bottom.
Wrap the petals around the top of the stem, attach them to a wire or straw, and the base of the petals is sticky.Make petals according to the above steps.The placement of petals should make the petals in the center higher than the outer petals.You need to decide whether to make a rose bud or a flower.
If you want to germinate, the petals should be close to each other and should point upwards.If you want the tape to bloom, you can bend to form the outermost petal.You can also make the leaves with green tape and stick them neatly on the stems.
Make sure the wire is not displayed anywhere and cover the wire using the colored part of the tape.You can make any number of roses as per the instructions above and put them in the vase in your room which will definitely look great.Therefore, it is not difficult to make flowers with tape.
You can also make other crafts with tape, you just need to use the art stripes on your body
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