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dover corporation (dov)  -  pallet display case
Washington, D. C. Securities and Exchange CommissionC.
20549______________________________________FORM months-
The month or month to be taken by the Festival of REPORTPursuant (d)
Date of report of the Securities Trading Act of 1934 (
Date of reporting the earliest event)
: June6, company June6.
The exact name of the registrant specified in the articles of association)
The state of Delaware-401853-0257888(
Registered State or other jurisdiction)(
Commission file number)(I. R. S.
Employer identity number)
3005 High Park Avenue, Illinois60515 (
Main executive office address)(Zip Code)(630)541-1540(
Registrant phone number, including area code)
If form 8-, check the appropriate box below
K. filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the registrant's filing obligations under any of the following terms: written communications under Rule 425 of the Securities Act (17 CFR 230. 425)
Soliciting materials under Article 14a
12 according to the Transaction Act (17 CFR 240. 14a-12)¨Pre-
According to Rule 14-2(b)
Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 14d-2(b))¨Pre-
According to Rule 13e-4(c)
Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 13e-4(c))
Indicate whether the registrant is an emerging growth company as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933 (§230.
This Chapter 405)or Rule 12b-
Article 2 of the securities trading Law of 1934 (§240. 12b-
2 of this chapter).
Emerging growth companies-if emerging growth companies, indicate by check mark whether the registrant chooses not to use the extended transition period to comply with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided under section 13 (a)
The Trading Act. ¨Item 7.
01 disclosure of regulations FD.
Dover, June 6, 2017 (
"Company" or "Dover ")
An investor meeting is being held in Rosemont, Illinois.
During the meeting, investors will be briefed on the company's strategy, outlining its four parts.
A copy of the presentation has been posted on the company's website (
Attached as attachment 99.
Current Report on Table 8 1-K. Exhibit 99.
1 contains "forward-
Statement in the sense of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, as amended in 1995.
These statements relate to future events and can be expressed in words or phrases such as "expectation", "belief", "suggestion", "will", "plan, "should", "will", "can" and "forecast", or use future tense and similar words or phrases. Forward-
The outlook report addresses the issue of uncertainty through examples only: operational and strategic plans, future sales, revenue, cash flow, profit margins, organic growth, acquisition growth, restructuring costs, cost structure, capital expenditure, capital allocation, capital structure, dividend, cash flow, exchange rates, tax rates, interest rates, interest payments, changes in business operations and industry trends, expected market conditions and our positioning, global economic and operational improvements. Forward-
Forward-looking statements are affected by inherent risks and uncertainties that may lead to significant differences in actual results from current expectations.
Dover refers to documents it submits to the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time, such as its report on Form 10K, Form 10-Q and Form 8-
K. discuss these and other risks and uncertainties that may lead to significant differences in their actual results with current expectations and future
The lookup statement contained here.
Dover has no obligation to update any forwarding-
Looks pretty unless required by law.
Information in this report (
Including exhibition 991)
Shall not be deemed to be a "submission" for the purposes of an article of the Transaction Act, or otherwise bound by the liability of that article, no reference shall be made to any registration statement or other document submitted by Dover under the Securities Act or the transaction act, unless specified in such filing. Item 9.
01 financial statements and exhibits. (d)Exhibits. 99.
1 Dover company presentation datedJune6, 2017.
The registrant signed the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which officially led to this current report on Form 8.
K signed on behalf of the signatory duly authorized here.
Date: June 6, 2017Registrant)By:/s/Ivonne M
Vice President of CabreraSenior, chief legal counsel and secretaryexhiit indexnumberexhiit99.
Statement by Dover Corporation on June 6, 2017
Rosemont, Illinois June 6, 2017 investor's annual meeting Exhibit 99.
We would like to remind you that our comments may contain forward-looking statements
Forward-looking statements with uncertainty and risk.
We remind everyone to refer to the documents we submit to SEC from time to time when analyzing Dover, including our Form 10-
K of 2016 and our Form 10-
Q 2017, list factors that may result in our results being different from any such forward expected results
Look at the report.
We will also direct your attention to our website dovercorporation.
More information can be found here. Mid-
June 6, 2017, our strategy to create a long-term-
Long-term value builds a platform in key markets with significant growth potential leveraging our expertise to provide customers with a larger set of products and solutions globally leveraging productivity and continuous improvement to expand margins (“CI”)
The entire organization's processes 4 leading positions in meaningful areas with strong growth features in the portfolio $5 1. 4 $2. 5 $2. 3 $1.
RWF revenue refrigeration and food equipment retail refrigeration food equipment heat transfer solutions fluid retail refueling hygiene and pharmaceutical pump engineering systems marking and coding digital printing waste disposal and automotive services equipment energy refrigeration and food equipment
Identify attractive companies to take advantage of our strengths
Gain insight into customers, markets and opportunities to motivate and invest in our business by applying management tools and systems departments, key platforms to improve its overall performance, billions of dollars in engineering systems fluid has cultivated a unique culture in which our businesses take responsibility for helping our customers win in their markets, in the future, the engineering system will benefit from the continuous growth of the marking and coding market and the improvement of the global industrial market-driven by the strong digital textile printing market
Annual EMV upgrade cycle-improvement of industrial pump market-recovery of oil and gas exposure enterprises-as NA Oil and gas market continues to recover, energy efficiency-continuous diffusion of shale gas-transition to automation and remote monitoring solutions-solid market for bearings and compressed Refrigeration and food equipment, take advantage of the leading position in energy efficiency and professional sales-important opportunity to close the medium temperature housing-perfect for selling in food 3-
Annual * expected organic growth rate doubleddigits(a)3% -5% 3% -5% 3% -
4% * 12/31/16-12/31/19 (a)
Total DOV related to the number of rigs, completion and WTI prices in the US: 4%-
6%-month regional expansion of economic growth-population data for developing countries is 1200 bps 150-200 bps 300 -400 bps 300 -
400 bps * 12/31/16-12/31/19 total DOV: 350-450 bps (a)
Segment profits were adjusted according to the first quarter's disposal income of $2016, the fourth quarter's disposal income of $2016 and the first quarter's disposal income of $2017, of the Q4 2016 2017 margin, voluntary product recall costs $23 (a)
Improvements on track: about 150 bps 9 positioned Dover to achieve a consistent cash flow for higher growth and profit expansion, and benefiting from downwind's acquisition of the target pump market for food equipment by acquiring multiple high growth opportunities-digital printing di divested meaningful areas in other asset portfolios as appropriate with strong growth features, occupying a solid and growing position in digital applications consistent with customer productivity and performance improvement, with the help of Dover business services, mentality and productivity plan flow generation that continues to improve in all areas, driving continued investment in innovation and M & A fluids in June 6, 2017, 12 fluid 12 fluid 12 fluid 11 out of the last 13 acquisitions is not in the United States, increased recurring revenue growth installation base for remote monitoring and software as a service driving sustainable after-sales market revenue 18% 51% 22% 9% Asia North America rest of the world 60% 29% 11% retail refueling and transportation pump hygiene and Pharma geographic Product Portfolio revenue: repeat and replace core product system for final market 30% 70% design ~ $2.
5B refrigerated food equipment. ~$1. 6B Fluids ~$2.
Revenue of 3B f Dover 3B is about $7. 7B Energy ~$1.
4B 13 selected growth markets-
The market is estimated at $2. 0B $7.
2017-2019 est.
CAGR revenue in the market of its main competitor, Asif DOV, is about $1.
3B ~ $250 low retail refueling-to-
Middle singles plus EMV elevatorto-
Health and Pharmaceutical EMV upgrade cycle environmental and safety regulations remote monitoring and SaaS growth mileage drive the ever-growing one-time use of automotive growth health and safety issues in developing markets to grow by $15. 0B ~ $675 M low-to-
Global raw material prices global growth plastic usage global industrial growth 14 liquid: growth and innovation overview growth is driven by product and service innovation on our platform and we are continuing to grow, and invest in developing markets bio-pharmaceutical hygiene and pharmaceutical aseptic quick one-time use products drive customer intimacy through SaaS and software solutions Cross-fluid product portfolio Dover refueling solutions station manager 365 real-time via data control leading advantage: internet of Things end-to-
Terminal gas station products providing Dover Fueling refueling solution cloud-
Basic services for retail refueling (2 globally)
Help customers win with higher output, faster conversion and more compact design
Polymer Processing 1)
15 pump market drivers and our strategy specific market drivers global industrial growth polymer demand growth faster than GDP growth pharmaceutical/sanitary terminal demand growth
Customers require remote monitoring solutions Dover strategy to win strong after-sales and service capabilities of the world's strong distribution channels to improve customer uptime global business and localized products, get key technologies to meet unique customer needs to expand our products and our footprint to drive 3-
5% leading position in highly engineered polymer solutions
16 Innovation-fully integrated terminal of underwater ball system-to-
Final solution including pump, mesh changer, granulator and dryer to help customers win the following ways
Improved accessibility)
-Higher output (e. g.
Dryer rate + 20%)
-Enhanced particle performance automotive packaging cable pellet 17 innovation-"single-
Save life, money and environment with "sterile connections and pump solutions"-flexible systems to support faster drug development and global availability-sterile connections minimize risk of contamination
Reduce energy of "with water and carbon footprint months make security injection/Vaccine Production Act of 2007 cm 2008 CM 2009 cm 2010 cm 2011 cm 2012 cm 2013 cm 2014 cm 2015 cm 2016 cm 2017 cm 2019 cm on the occasion of fluid earnings rate 20% + book margin ratio does not contain advertising & A and product recall business are strong, profitable
19 the opportunity for the expansion of Mar golden wine provides acquisition synergies, including 1-third of 3-
Annual sector profit expansion-consolidate global manufacturing footprint-expand strategic pricing plans-leverage back-office shared services established for finance, IT and HR to drive productivity gains across the value chain with a target of 300
400 basis points to increase productivity to save liquid collection for 204A 205A 206A RWF next month.
5% * culture of continuous improvement . . . . . . Promoted by employees . . . . . . Focus on in create customer value and eliminate waste * productivity save don't including acquisition collaborative productivity this is since 2014 since COGS ~ Strong organic growth in the short term of 200 bps:-health/Bio-Pharmaceutical Market: mid-to-high single-
Digital organic growth-Pump: Single-
Retail refueling/transportation: low order-Digital organic growth
Digital organic growth increase core profit margin integration new acquisition
Short-term Wang Zhi drives organic growth enhancement products that make consistent money, technology and geographical scope of population data to improve productivity gains Fu retail Steve belt June 6, 2017 month building materials retail refueling David Claus platform top 2013 population data Bureau hanging hardware valve Wang Zhi car wash system fleet refueling system 2013 wang Zhi system acquisition and replacement of European style pipeline 2016 shopkeeper Wang Zhi automation and POS system wireless water tank pressure gauge cloud
Automated and POS systems have strong market features including: stable growth, strong after-sales service
Market, regular downwind, good customerto-
The supplier ratio has developed a detailed acquisition roadmap with a focus on products and geographical location. Initial focus on product expansion retail revenue: $1.
3B $35 m Wayne acquisition synergy-build the industry's only global terminal before planning to buy --to-
Terminal Solution 23 53% 10% 16% 21% available market: 53% dollar 21% 16% 10% North America EMEA Asia-
Attractive terminals for global business-Pacific Latin America retail refueling Market Overview
Global retail fuel market revenue by region is USD
The long-term market growth rate is 2%-3%, and the cyclical adverse effects of environmental regulations and payment compliance retail promotion growth target 2X + market retail promotes 19% of the global market share of dover retail promotion revenue,> $300 is the 24 market driver for systems/automation: all trends across the globe are positive-population growth, revenue growth, vehicle ownership, fuel consumption, energy demand, including alternative fuels:-CNG and LNG continue to grow, but the current price of diesel slows down environmental regulations and payment compliance:-environmental regulations continue to become more stringent globally-payment compliance, for example, EMV, push the upgrade and replacement trend towards a more automated direction: -fuel procurement by station owners/operators will be more fully automated-fuel logistics to retail and commercial locations is simplified through automation-pump integrity/asset management 25 major customers major oil companies national oil company convenience stores large supermarket fleet chemical/Industrial & major oil companies and C-
The critical mass of the store around the world enables us to serve the national oil company locally, leading the way in large supermarket retailers, prepare for the growing fleet segment in the Americas retail for value creationto-
Terminal refueling solutions business a wide portfolio of dispenser dispensers and system products and technologies Global footprint to support customers in the middle of each world region-term 500-
Target population data of 600 basis points to 2019 to determine the amount of income and cost collaborative population data (EMV)
Dover pricing and mixed Dover retail refueling deposit form 2016 * Operating deposit (a)
Dover retail accelerated profit * as if we had 2016 acquisitions throughout the year (a)
Operating margins do not include acquisitions
The view that related amortization and product recall costs 27 EMV update Compliance deadline change YE 2016,202 0 October EMV and population data with a three-year delay of the deadline are, the opportunity for total revenue will remain at $5 million, however, with the corresponding delay in EMV deployment and adoption curve-retailers who decided to go public ahead in advance are still moving forward in 2017-The New EMV deadline will result in a delay in demand from the end of 2017 to the end of 2018, demand picked up at the end of 2018-increased revenue as more retailers will replace aging dispensers instead of upgrading their existing onesto-
With comprehensive services in the cloud DFS IoT to help customers run their business and maximize future flexibility, cloud & Data Services 30 remote monitoring demo-site manager 365 focuses on design principles for ease of use and exception management.
Operators only need to respond when notified of the problem.
Real-time remote monitoring and control provides on-site operators with complete management of 31 converged data and solutions in the front yard, creating more value for customers. Industry distributor media display case low cost IoT device development cost scalable infrastructure support scalable product DFS mobile payment master data management 3rd-party data server display system/site data pipeline DFS data services DFS wet inventory management Dover solutions market DFS fleet management DFS Media Systems case control for DFS remote monitoring fusion data shared user interface composite effects solution for seamless customer experience release for customers across multiple solutions with greater value, accelerate the innovation of the next generation of personalized payment and loyalty through the "pipeline" of the standardized service site network, backstage, inventory management targeted promotions and media to strengthen vehicle coupling, including identification, diagnosis, andy Fincher June 6, 2017 34 Engineering Systems 34 12% 56% 23% 9% 42% printing and identification of industrial refrigeration and food equipment in the rest of Asia, North America, Europe, the world 58%. ~$1.
Income of 6B f 6B is approximately $7. 7B End-
Market 39% 61% regular and replacement of core product geographic product portfolio energy of about $1.
4B f source of income: Investment in developing countries
Strong Foundation to promote sustainable revenue performance engineering system ~ $2. 5B Fluids ~$2.
3B 35 engineering system: the market size of the growth market text estimated at a glance is $2. 0B $3.
Est 5B 2017-2019.
Compound market growth rate
Major competitors in digital printing
Environmental Solutions (ESG)$3.
0B vehicle service equipment (VSG)
The revenue of Proff DOV is about $850,
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