donations, pigs part of las vegas' efforts to cut food waste - make a life size cut out

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donations, pigs part of las vegas\' efforts to cut food waste  -  make a life size cut out
On a farm outside Las Vegas, a group of pigs eat lobster, sausage and beef.
In town, people in the community center sit there for dinner and dinner can include sliders, truffle mac and cheese.
The two meals have something in common: both come from the kitchen of Sin City's luxury casino, where more and more people are rethinking the axiom of excess, and reducing waste has gained the upper hand.
The impact of surplus food on the environment and economy is more important to the world of Las Vegas than ever before --
In recent years, famous casinos have developed and expanded innovative practices, reducing the amount of garbage in landfill sites by thousands of tons each year.
The food residue is converted into compost or taken to the farm to feed the pigs.
Donate expired mini bar snacks to community organizations.
Banquet meals that have never been provided can go to the food bank.
Thousands of miles of oyster shells were even shipped to Chesapeake Bay.
The combined efforts of operators are slightly different, and some operators have recently been recognized by the United States. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau.
Guests of the dazzling large resort will never seeso-
But these efforts reflect the extent to which companies have improved their bottom line and made progress on global issues.
"Most people think of standard metals, plastics, paper when they think about recycling --
In fact, for organizations like MGM, food, food waste, food residue are an important part of our garbage footprint, "Yalmaz Siddiqui said.
President of Sustainability at MGM International Resort.
"Our main approach is to think about the type of food that appears in our operations and direct this food to the best destination it can go.
In 2016, MGM began to donate completely cooked but never
From meetings and other big events to three flats, the only food bank in southern Nevada.
The company has donated more than 700,000 pounds yuan (
There are cooked food, kitchen ingredients, mini bar snacks and extra food stored in the warehouse.
Food bank staff
Coordinate with MGM property along the avenue and arrive with an empty truck.
They then measure the temperature of each potential hot food donation if the temperature is higher than 135 degrees Fahrenheit (
57 degrees Celsius)
It is packed in a disposable tin pan, placed in a trolley and delivered to the food bank.
On the most recent afternoon, the food bank staff picked up more than 250 beef sliders, truffle mac and cheese from the Aria casino and fried them --resort.
The chicken slider tray does not meet the required temperature.
The food is then cooled in the air cooler and transferred to the warehouse-
The size of the refrigerator and access to an ordering system used by charities, including a senior center, a Catholic charity and the Salvation Army.
"It is vital to know that they will help us fight this battle of hunger," said Morris Johnson, director of operations at Sanfang, adding that 700,000 pounds has been used for 600,000 meals.
"We update our inventory every day.
We process orders every day.
The federal government estimates more than one
Ranked third among all available foods in the United StatesS. is wasted.
S. Environmental Protection Agency works with over 1,000 organizations
Grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels-
Solve this problem.
The agency estimates that about 648,000 tons were blocked by participants in 2017 (
587,856 metric tons)
More than $30 million in landfill tips have been avoided.
The Trump administration announced on April that it would win the "reduce food waste month.
MGM's Bellagio casino received an award from the EPA.
A resort where food is back to work.
The property sent 2,210 tons last year (
2,005 metric tons)
In pig farms outside Las Vegas, the proportion of food waste increased by 16% from 2017 and 455% from 2015.
Also diverted 20,000 pounds (9,072)
In Chesapeake Bay, they help restore the habitat of oysters.
Venetian and Palace Casino-
Resorts run by Las Vegas Sands also donate prepared meals to charities and 25 miles (40 kilometres)
In the north of the strip.
The farm's 5,000 pigs eat only cooked food scraps.
25 tons to 35 tons by truck (
23 to 32 metric tons)
Food for a day from the strip to the farm.
The process is part of the waste management package purchased by the company.
"They probably eat more lobster than I do," said farm manager Sarah Stallard . ".
The practice of feeding food scraps to pigs has been approved by the federal government, but is not widely used in the United StatesS.
The farm likes the strict diet of corn, wheat and soybean meal.
The advantage of the Las Vegas livestock is that it is close to a large source of waste and is in the process of establishing a system that will allow it to accept more waste.
Caesars Entertainment, which runs several properties on the street, sends food scraps to the compost plant.
It also gave away meals that were not served.
While donating food
With the help of waste transfer, operators have also begun to consider reducing waste generation.
At the staff restaurant, thousands of employees are encouraged to pay attention to what they put on their plates.
At Las Vegas Sands, employees process meetings in the "engineering menu" using data from previous years, many of whom are repeat customers, this could allow them to say, without facing the risk of a shortage, Pranav jamppani, executive director of sustainability at the company.
"We never wanted to be short of food," he said . ".
"This is going to be a huge problem.
"Sands has also held events for employees to learn about practices that can be applied at home, including cooking classes.
Vice President Eric Dominguez
The president of Caesars facilities, engineering and sustainability said at a buffet for guests that the plate size has been adjusted and that separate plated food has been added.
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