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diy, holiday creative project, white christmas feathered ... - make a life size cut out

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-26
diy, holiday creative project, white christmas feathered ...  -  make a life size cut out time: less than an hour.Total time: less than an hour.Skill: Easy.Project cost: under $30.00, depending on the type of feather you purchased.Square foam plastic base, 30 cm long, 22 cm wide and 5 cm thick (if you can't find a square center opening cut inside the square foam base with a craft knife ).White feathers that you can choose from, such as ostrich, turkey, chicken, eyelash feathers, goose or long feathers, string or individual.
(The materials for this project are available in handicrafts, fabrics, concepts and flower shops.The simplest holiday decorations are often the most charming.For a stylish contemporary holiday look, please make your own feather wreath, table-The trees and decorations above.
Feather wreaths are a huge trend in home decor, and they can offer amazing accessories for any season.They are spectacular on the fireplace mantel, on a large mirror, on the door, or on the chair with a hook.The feather wreaths of the festival are elegant but easy to make.
Trim off the excess fluff on the feathers or the unwanted tip.Sort by size and length.First, a similar feather length is horizontally bonded along the four external sides of the foam square base.Use low glue gunTemperature glue stick, stick the feathers to the length of the two rows side by side.
Do the same thing to cover the square opening at the bottom of the wreath.To cover the front surface area of the wreath base, apply a row of feathers along the center and stick one at a time --by-One side, just the tip part.Start at one end and work throughout the base.
Add the second layer of feathers to overlap the first line in the same way, but this time it overlaps along the center opening boundary at the bottom and around.Once done, check the wreath and you may need to fix some feathers with more glue.If you wish, you can fix a wire ring to hang on the back of the wreath.
Finally, I added a simple, in-depthchocolate-Brown satin ribbon with bow.Feather wreaths will last for many years.Every holiday, you can just decorate it with a variety of different accessories and give it a new look.Stay away from wreaths or include a wide variety of decorations such as colorful miniature balls, fresh Ivy, feather birds, berry clusters, bows and creative wire decorations.
If you use feather wreaths outdoors, be sure to put them under the covered porch to avoid direct sunlight or snow.You will want a feather wreath every season, hanging on the door, on the wall, or on the mirror.They also make great gifts.Desktop tree: in order to make a small cone tree covered with feathers, first apply a row of feathers with a glue gun at the bottom of the cone and continue to add overlapping lines of feathers, until the bottom of the cone is completely covered to the top.
To minimize costs, you can buy a cheap feather boa, fix one end on the base with a pin or glue from the florist, wrap it around the cone, and gather at the end to fix it on the base.I applied family photos of the past Christmas to myself.Hardened clay round and square to create an advent calendar tree and attach them to a white feather table top tree using decorative pins.
Change: festive feather wreaths are also very noticeable in other colors such as feathers, Burgundy, red, pink, purple, brown, green and you will get this picture.Or mix colors to achieve two shades or multi-color rendering.Feather wreaths can be stylishly decorated with ladders and used as the base for large pillar candles inside a hurricane or regular glass base vase.
Decorate your home year round with a feather wreath and have a super cute feel on the bedroom door of a young child like pink or purple.Decorate the napkin ring with feathers, or decorate the top of Christmas socks and gifts to add elegance to each table.Various feather types can also be found at party supplies or customs stores.
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