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Decorative Towel Folding - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-13
Decorative Towel Folding  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Decorative towel folding is an art that is mainly used in hotels and cruise lines to add fun and elegance to the room.Unlike clichés, you can try a variety of patterns to decorate your own home.Remember that when you enter one of the nice accommodation and breakfast places or cabins on a cruise ship, you are greeted by one of the lovely people --A swan or an elephant?Decorative towel folding is an art promoted by Carnival Cruise Lines and is still widely used to add fancy elements to room decoration.
Although it seems simple, it is an art that is difficult to master.While almost everyone can fold the towel and put it in the closet, it takes some skill to fold the towel into origami elephant, monkey or cat.Decorative towel folding is considered to be derived from Japanese origami art, or at least based on Japanese origami art.
In fact, folding fabric including towels requires a special origami style.And paper origami is made from neat, simple-to-Folding square towels, folding decorative towels need to be folded soft rectangular towels, which are easy to spread out.Folding towel animals or other decorative items can be very interesting, though it takes quite a bit of effort.
You can brighten the guest room with your work or make it a fun activity to keep the kids busy on rainy days.If the fabric of the towel you use to decorate is thin and easy to fall off, the starch and iron will fall off before use.This is probably the easiest way to fold the towel creatively.
Make a nice origami towel in five minutes with fan shape.Imagine how surprised your guests would be if they found a towel made cake on the bed.Towel cakes are popular as bridal shower gifts, baby shower gifts and decorations in the honeymoon suite.
Add some roses and petals to the top.
Some people also like to decorate beautiful towel cakes with lace, ribbons and Pearl spray.This towel sofa is simple and easy to use. it can be placed in the hotel room with small notes, toiletries and other items.
Guests are welcome.
You need three large towels to make this sofa.Towel candles are simple to make and can be added to other romantic towel designs such as folded swans or hearts to produce fun effects.It is really convenient to put a towel bag in the bathroom, especially when hanging on the towel rod.
It can be used not only for flowers or other decorative items, but also for toiletries.To make this towel bag you need a full oneSize of towels, towels and towels.Towel swan is very popular and can be found in many well roomsknown hotels.
Make it simple and look very romantic and beautiful.To make a towel swan, you need a big towel or two.Towel butterflies are easy to make and also have an impact, especially when decorated with other items such as roses and candles.
Two large towels are needed to make a towel butterfly.Folding towel elephant is a big challenge but the effect is great.To fold the elephant towel, you need a large one and a towel.
It may be difficult to make a towel monkey, but this effort is usually satisfactory.In a bathroom designed for children, it looks particularly good.Flower designs are very popular because they are easy to make and look very good.
You need two colored towels, one small and one large.Towels in different colors such as red, yellow and pink can be folded to make beautiful roses and create a romantic atmosphere in any room.To make a rose towel, you need color towels and artificial stems or leaves.
While you may bend some of the traditional origami rules, once you 've mastered the art of folding creative towels, you'll find it a fun and rich activity.So be sure to use these instructions for folding towels, which will impress your guests and make the kids happy
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