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Day of the Dead Tattoos - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-06
Day of the Dead Tattoos  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Does it mean you're forgotten from being real to ethereal?With these tattoos to honor the dead, it seems to be far from the facts.How do you celebrate your love, especially those who leave heaven?Your Possible answer might be to post something on their name, from a poem to a whole new book.Well, some people will print their loved ones on themselves.
Tattoo yourself is not a new concept.
From the various designs that people can choose from, tattoo is not just a fashion, it is not just a style statement.Well, for Mexicans at least, the day the tattoo of the deceased was a way to dedicate one's eternal love for the deceased.They are colorful expressions of precious souls that give a whole new meaning to the tattoo world.
Or death day is a religious holiday in Mexico, celebrated around the same time as Halloween.The celebration, combined with the Catholic day of prayer, prayed for Saints and souls on November 1 and 2nd, respectively.Throughout the world, you will surely find someone visiting the graves of their deceased loved ones, praying and giving for the soul.
Basically, it is a day to commemorate and pray for the families of the deceased.In Mexico, the celebration of death day was elevated to another level.The celebration seemed to have started by the Aztecs, who revered and revered their ancestors.
In order to be consistent with tradition and to welcome the returning soul, a special altar or shrine has been specially made.The supply of flowers, food and sugar skulls is an integral part of the celebration, which is why the color is associated with this festival.For a Mexican, carving himself with the day of the death tattoo is just a way of etching the good memories associated with the deceased's lover on himself.
Unlike bringing terrible images, tattoos associated with this day are brightly colored and can be designed to your liking.The tattoo is mainly designed with skulls and flowers, consistent with the theme of the day.They reflect the richness of the actual celebrations.
Calaveras or calacas, known as the skull, are an important part of the celebration of the deceased.As is generally believed, the skull is basically considered a sign of darkness and death, often reminiscent of images of decay and fear.In Mexican culture, however, the skull is not only considered a sign of death, but also a sign of rebirth.
This skull is a symbol of protection, strength and ability to overcome obstacles.The day of the tattoo of the skull of the deceased is far from terrible and intense, but a magnificent illustration of the soul of the deceased.While tattoos are certainly a popular option, there are many people who choose to paint their faces to celebrate the day of death.
The most common design for drawing faces happens to be the design of the skull.Face painting involves darkening the eyes and nose to produce a sunken look like a skull.Other details include making spider webs or floral patterns on the face.
These tattoos are generally done on the arm, but you can also try some other places like the back or the ankle.No matter which location and design you choose, remember to pay attention to the tattoo
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