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Day of the Dead Skull Tattoos - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-07
Day of the Dead Skull Tattoos  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Skull tattoos are not limited to the design of "skull and cross bones.Read on to learn about the highly customizable and unique skull design based on death day.There are many Gothic and terrible symbols on your skin.
Dragons, bats, other animals or tombstone at night...But there is nothing more telling than the skull.Skull tattoos are often associated with morbidity and rigor, but there is a deeper and hidden meaning behind this design.
While burning skulls or tribal skulls are some popular ideas, the days of death skull tattoo design are a unique type of symbolic design.What is the meaning and story behind such a different tattoo design?In this article, take a look at the design of the skull tattoo, the day of the death tattoo, and the brief idea of the day itself.In Spanish, it is the day to commemorate and pray for lost loved ones.
On this day, family and friends who have passed away will be prayed and respected during festivals and celebrations.After the day of All Saints (November), this day is 2nd of November 1, together with the day of All Souls.Although it is a major festival in Mexico and Latin America, it is celebrated in the Philippines and the United States in a similar but lesser way.
Go to the cemetery and pray in front of the deceased's grave.At home, the private altar is built and decorated with photos and items belonging to the deceased.Favorite food and drinks are also placed on the altar to remind the deceased of their preferences.
The symbol of the skull is an integral part of the era of the dead, as it originated in the Aztec period.The Aztecs kept the enemy's skull as a sign of victory.The skull of a friend or lover is preserved and used during the festival to symbolize their presence, as it is believed that the deceased will visit the living on that day.
The practice of preserving the real human skull disappeared with the arrival of the Spanish conqueror.But the skull plays an important role in the festival, although it is represented through.Revellers wear wooden skulls and dance as part of the celebration.
The most popular altar is the sugar skull.Mix sugar, crispy powder and water into a skull mold to form a white hard skull.Personal items such as icing, food coloring and flowers and hats are used to decorate the skull.
There is a position on the forehead and the name of the deceased is engraved.Relatives or friends of the deceased can eat skulls.This tradition is not morbid, on the contrary, it is a powerful stand against death itself.
It symbolizes that death is only a transition from one life to another.While there are a lot of ideas online and tattoo shops about dead tattoos, try to come up with your own designs so that tattoos are especially unique to you.If it is difficult for you to draw a tattoo, ask the tattoo artist for help, but combine your own pattern and color scheme.
The deceased skull tattoo day is a profound and artistic way to show life's victory over death and pay tribute to the people you love and those you lose
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