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colin and justin conquer chaos in the office - flat pack assembly

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-22
colin and justin conquer chaos in the office  -  flat pack assembly
Colin and JustinAn average day.
Two names and three words won't be together at all.
Actually, let's try again;
Colin and Justin work well on the side, but "average daily" a bit? Not so much —
There's nothing at the tommcalist Ryan Tower.
You see, our diaries are made up of different aspects, some of which are symbiotic and others are limited in contact with peers.
That's how we like it.
Of course, diversity is the condiment of life.
In a minute, we will form the interior of the residence on this side of the pond and purchase the next big dining chair for a restaurant project in Blighty.
Open another C & J drawer and you will find that we are sorting out newspaper columns in Canada and the UK or making candles for privateand wholesale —
Delivery everywhere
Yes, we are currently shipping our C & J Home (www. candjhome. com)
We love more than a dozen international destinations, so we are busy boys no matter how you observe us.
But our different work schedules did not stop.
Our personal websitewww. colinandjustin. tv)
Attract about 30,000 clicks per day in different regions (
With our webmaster it takes several hours of planning a week)
On top of that, we spend the day knowing how long our iphone has been on updating our beloved social media outpost sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Family and friends say we are workawayers, but to be honest, we thrive when we are the busiest.
Also, over time
The wearing motto declares, "You have been dead for a long time.
"At this point, we think we will admit that advances in technology have made our lives easier.
We may have been trying to maintain this level of buoyancy for the past decade, because geography is pulling relentlessly on our schedule, but it's much simpler now.
Thanks to Skype, Facetime, and conference calls, we can now perform in our global competitive environment in a more manageable way.
In fact, geography has little to do with what we have achieved.
The convenience of our operation can be explained by telecommuting, which is a description of us (
Toilets all over the world)
Run our business.
Telecommuting was invented by engineer and rocket scientist Jack Nilles in 1973, describing how to optimize output if work is given to workers rather than workers.
This is very meaningful for us.
By the time we wrote this column, we had temporarily dropped our virtual pen for the conference call and we had a Skype connection in front of us.
When business issues need to be discussed, our global position is no longer an issue --and viewed —
With a colleague from afar
Nowadays, it is not difficult to choose products from a series of choices at the other end of the Earth.
To be fair, even if there is a distance of 5,700 between Toronto and London, the network can easily offset the distance.
We will never be grateful for that.
What would you call us?
Network commuters or professional nomads
We gain flexibility through the Internet, so we can make decisions wherever we are.
But there are potential drawbacks to working from home and video calling (
In addition to a variety of social interference)
This should be considered.
After watching and tucking in many untidy home offices (
Witnessed in several conference calls)
There is still work to be done.
We mean more than trading.
Now is not the perfect time (
With the development of domestic trade)
Before exposing your venue to the other end of the business phone, make it look as good as possible?
The last thing you need is a customer. or colleague —
Observe your confusion as a reflection of what he or she might expect in terms of business output.
So, shall we practice what we preach?
You better believe it.
Before connecting our camera for any screen negotiation, we look around the office and make sure everything is OK.
We will set up lighting, set up objects on our desks, and generally optimize anything that can be viewed at the other end of the call.
Admittedly, on the surface, we look in the mirror and make sure we look the best.
Do you think this is in vain?
Will you not do the same in the office restroom until you go to an important meeting or interview? Hmm?
We closed the case. This in mind —
Put your personal grooming neatly aside
We want to show how to transform a particularly untidy home office into a cool, corporate-style essence.
By replacing the massacre with a very orderly look, we create a space where even the most critical observers can have a conference call.
Not rocket science (
Although our inspiration comes from the thinking of rocket scientists above)
But there are some plans for this project.
This is the countdown to launch.
Three, two, one. .
Plan your workspace by planning your needs before shopping.
Keep in mind that good designs are the result of elaborate purchases, and bad designs are unwelcome siblings who make hasty decisions.
For this project, we created
The shape of the working surface, suspended at the back, provides an additional desktop area for users of color stools.
Suddenly, the crumbling mess turned into a streamlined and popular port of call in the site/work area.
Release floor space first: create a good impression (
No matter who you chat with online or via a video call)
Throw away everything you don't need.
While you're here, archive past files and store the current bumph in a more orderly way.
Take things off the floor and store them with a wall surface to maximize the functionality of the room.
We recommend finding a balance between open storage and closed storage
Open to what you're happy to see, and close to the relevant tools you're more willing to position on a more cautious basis.
We have integrated several Alex cabinets from Ikea that serve as handles
Like them, very customized aesthetics are offered for free.
Bringing flat packs to the next level our little miracle shows that in order to achieve the most successful response, it's not how much you spend, it's how much time you spend planning.
"Get out of the box" and look at things in a different way to make sure that tight budgets don't hurt your results.
For example, in order to reduce the cost, we used a square-
As a usable table top, cutting the kitchen counter, its aluminum side simply adds to the stylish modern sense of our vision.
This is a working environment (
Although included in the home of our customers)
It is especially important to add the correct lighting.
Here, directional track lighting allows light to enter and exit as needed, while simple lights illuminate the workstation from the side of the table and highlight it as a home office reception.
Drill holes on the desktop and use cable management pipes to avoid trailing wires.
Such details are crucial to us.
Color coded files and boxes in various shades (
We use green lime black)
It is a good way to store items safely while distinguishing content.
Order is essential in a functional workspace, but so is the outbreak of drama;
It is worth remembering that the office does not have to be sterile or dull.
Staples, your favorite business provider, offers a variety of storage solutions, so it's popular in stores (
Pay special attention to the collection of Martha Stewart, which is particularly notable)
Find the color palette that suits you.
The carefully considered designer finishing details will provide professional finishes in each round. Remember;
When you video chat
Or a broker who trades via Skype.
Your caller will almost certainly adjust your background. Set the scene;
There should be a lovely stage for every good sales venue, so try to do it well.
Here, for example (
At the front desk)
We added an plexiglass panel.
Drill and screw in place-
Its installation has injected a little designer vitality into the episode.
Finally, like every room we planned, we layered the office with vases, fun accessories and flowers.
It's all for us to finish the painting.
So you have it.
The traditional way of commuting to work can be very troublesome,-
If you're lucky enough to work from home-
Great remote office.
That is, if your environment is properly trimmed.
Needless to say, of course, if you do it right, those who visit (or call)
You mean business. I will be very relieved.
Colin mcalist and Justin Ryan are hosts of HGTV Colin and Justin's family robbery and authors of the Penguin Group's guide to Colin and Justin's family robbery style (Canada).
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