christmas: a season for giving, receiving, and taking by ... - display racks for retail stores

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-19
christmas: a season for giving, receiving, and taking by ...  -  display racks for retail stores
The weeks before Christmas are the biggest shopping week of the year.Many retailers survive just these weeks because they typically make up 70% of their annual income.Because of this, retail stores tend to be hyped during the festival, causing buying frenzy.
It is natural to provide our families with the latest electronics, computers, jewelry and clothing.Unfortunately, when we have the feeling of giving and accepting, there is a feeling of accepting.When he or she looks at the holiday through a different perspective, "take away" is definitely the idea of a family thief.
Focus on the eyes of your home to complete your own shopping list.Christmas is a magical time of year when family and friends get together to celebrate the festival.To protect your special time and prevent intruders, I have compiled a list of Christmas home safety checks.
Don't show your Christmas tree and gifts in the front window.This is the invitation letter to ask the thief to count the inventory.If you have to put your tree in front of the window, make sure you don't show gifts under the tree until Christmas.
Don't hide the key under the mat.
The first place the thief looked for the house key was under the mat.The next on the thief search list is rocks, pots and door ledge, so don't be found for safety complacency.If you have to leave the key for urgent purposes, please make sure you leave the key to a trusted friend or neighbor.
Christmas tends to make some of us see handyman.Don't be caught by feeding extensions through locked windows that endanger the safety of your home.If necessary, install an external power outlet for your external lights and decorative Christmas fixtures.
Even if it's just a few minutes away from your home, make sure you lock all the windows and doors.It takes only a few seconds for an intruder to ruin your day.Do not provide information on the answering machine.
It's better to just say you're busy right now, leave your name and number and you'll call back.If you can, Forward your home phone number to your phone or neighbor while you are away.Keep the curtains or blinds closed at night.
When you go out at night, use a cheap timer to give you the illusion of checking in.Photocell lighting is also a cheap way to simulate activity.Don't let the newspapers pile up on your front door steps.
Try to keep the front door area clean.
The messy front door entrance will give the thief the wrong message.Hide all the gift boxes after Christmas, so as not to attract the attention of thieves.Make sure you chop all the boxes and put them in a solid plastic bag to pick up the garbageup.
Make sure your target has reinforced your home by installing the appropriate hardwareHardware such as latch, crash plate, door lock, door hinge, viewer and even alarm system
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