Cardboard Boxes as Kid Activities -- Keeping Them Busy! - cutout stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-24
Cardboard Boxes as Kid Activities -- Keeping Them Busy!  -  cutout stand
Boxes--In the past, it may have been furniture or big appliances. now it is imagination!I know that when I was a child, it was a very pleasant thing when my family came home with a large electrical appliance or something else that needed a big box.My family may like anything in the box, but my sister and I will put the box in exercise.
That box will become a spaceship, a submarine, or a plane...Or a theater, fortress, or Castle.So if it's a bad rainy dayHow do you avoid boring things when the weather is a day or your child is stuck at home with a runny nose (and prevent them from making you lose your mind )?Maybe a good box choice will give them something to exercise their creativity and craftsmanship.You can go to the garage and find one or two (or three) cartons, which is most likely a good thing.
But if it's not an option, you can always run to the UPS store or Public Storage and pick up some nice big boxes and move boxes.Maybe pick up a few marks (washoff water-The color version is great for young kids), some packing tape (masking tape or tape is OK too), take these boxes home and you can start.Play a little bit of imagination (better yet, let the children play their own ---To start, read them a story.
-Or let them read it themselves.
-About spaceships, submarines, trains, ships, trucks, forts, and castles) and supervising the assembly and cutting (for young children, you have to cut "portholes", "doors", "windows", "peep holes" and other openings and structures by yourself ).The sky is the limit of how far you can go in the project.What can a carton look like?..The flat board can be used as a "building board" and the cardboard tube can be used as a stand.
It is possible to cut the sides of large cartons for use in large "building plates ".But the cardboard box itself can also be used for game structure.A constant box is enough for small children to keep them busy for hours.
When I saw an empty box-Especially big.
-I thought of all the possibilities.
A spaceship?A submarine?A party house?A limousine?A bus?An airplane?--So many possibilities.The coolest thing is that I 've seen empty boxes everywhere lately!(I have a small pickup truck which is really cool ---The perfect way to transport excess cardboard!).When I visited my sister and her family in Colorado, when we found an empty air, she and I were coming back from the store --Air conditioning box in driveway.
We asked if we could give us the box.
-The family said, "of course.
"My sister is lucky to drive a wagon--We folded our seats and managed to put the box in the car.-This box is probably our 5-A one-year-old granddaughter and a neighbor's child!Everything about the box!Though you might come up with a bunch of excitementof-the-For what you want to do from the box, the references and products below can help you think about how to perfect the effect and keep these ideas flowing.Take a few or all right now so you can get them ready when you need to make a new creation!.
A bit of planning and "design" is needed (using small boxes to figure out how to cut things to make the dress look right )...But once you set the plan down, you can make a great dress!, Armor, computer, airplane, sailing, medieval knight suit...These are interesting costumes...ideas, anyone?Cardboard cut bracket-If you have patience.
Just get a big photo or image you want, print on a big photo or imageFormat the printer (like a banner), or just print out the images, place them in the section that fits the printer, and then assemble them into a full large-sized image.Then paste these assembled parts onto the cardboard "stand" cut.OK, you have a carton (or a bunch )!) -So, what do you want to create with them?Ah, where do you start?Gather the ducks togetherTape, marks, paint, stuff you use to cut (rest assured!) port-Holes, windows, doors and other necessary openings or "trimming ".
Ah wait.
..Decide what you want to do first!You can then choose the type of accessory material you need more wisely!Note: Except for the photos in the Amazon, eBay, YouTube and similar sections, all the photos on this site are taken by myself with the camera and therefore mine.Again, the story is original and based on my experience.Your mileage may vary
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