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Art Vs. Real Life - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
Art Vs. Real Life  -  how to make a cardboard stand
It may be wrong to find the accurate and thorough expression of the artist's personality in his own creation.Read on and know why.Although people may feel like they want to investigate the personal life of an artist.There may be certain factors that have inspired his creation, which may be wrong, not from a moral point of view first, but from a more technical point of view.
The role of the work of art is to create a fictional, imaginary universe, whose basic function may be separated from any feeling that may lead the artist to begin the journey of creation.In his work entitled "aesthetics", Lalo (Spanish-born French composer Victor Antoine Lalo) showed us 5xa0It mainly shows the difference between artists and works.First of all, art can be clearly placed outside of real life, in the aesthetic world, in the relationship between shape and color, or in music harmony and composition.
In some artists, the technical functions of art can be dominant, and they can be liberated from all other arts.Secondly, art can strengthen and beautify a better life.It can idealize life and continue to make life better.
Third, art can make us forget about real life.In this case, it is either transferred or evaded, exaggerated or luxurious.In this case, it expresses more precisely what lacks the personality of real life than what is real.
However, it can also express the side that the artist wants to get rid of and forget.All these different themes can be mixed in the same artist.On the other hand, the technical functions separated by artists are the inner and inner of all other functions.
The artist tends to pour his feelings into certain molds.Artists are likely to indulge in this state.In most cases, the theme is only a means of artistic work.
Choosing a topic is because it may constitute the raw material of the artist's aesthetic value, not because it is in the author's mind.From another point of view, all the artistsxa0Common ThingsFor example, their art canxa0Create a world that makes the human spirit feel at home.Before this can be achieved, the human spirit must first be established, and feelings and forms must be linked.
Through artistic creation, creative artists can achieve the unity of their overall personality.It may be said that some artists do not regard art as a means of explaining and thinking about their passion, but rather as a way of life to free themselves from passion.They fill their descriptions of reality with many elements, emotions and attitudes in their personal lives.
But by allowing their own inner struggles and spiritual problems to enter the realm of art they create, these artists tend to offer quite limited and narrow views of things.Some critics say it is a sign of inferiority that the artist puts too much of his life into his work.There are some artists who express themselves through their work, that is, they express their personal thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and so on, says delphiix.
Some people may use the sensitivity of their lives now;Others took advantage of their childish sensitivity in their early years.The act of inspiration is, of course, veryxa0Unlike biographies of artists.French writerxa0Flaubert suggested writers neverxa0Write yourself.
He explained that the artist's presence in his work should be the same as God's presence in his work --i.e.The reader must feel the omnipotence and omnipresence of the author without seeing the author.Emil Utitz, Czech philosopher and psychologist (1883-1956) said that a young man who sang for his beloved, when he held her in his arms, no longer felt the need to sing;On the contrary, when the poet holds his beloved in his arms, he still feels the need to sing his beloved because his beloved cannot replace his work of art.
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