Ann Weber turns cardboard into art - how to make a cardboard display stand

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Ann Weber turns cardboard into art  -  how to make a cardboard display stand
Ann Webb, an artist who lives at The Dejan Museum, stands at her sculptor on Thursday, February.San Francisco, California, 2010.Weber, a sculptor in the Bay Area, turned ordinary cardboard into towering shapes, some as high as 16 feet.On Thursday, February, Lesman Weber, an artist at the Deyan Museum, stood among her sculptors.
San Francisco, California, 2010.
Weber, a sculptor in the Bay Area, turned ordinary cardboard into towering shapes, some as high as 16 feet.A delicate woman, relying on some unrefined tools: a $25 arrow P-Ace Hardware's 22 stapler, a bookcutter, shellac and a large amount of cardboard taken out of the trash can.Weber cut the cardboard into strips and nailed it together until the shape is formed.
Sometimes the shape is original and looks like pods and seeds.Sometimes they are abstract graphics of weaving or winding.Sometimes they have smooth, elegant, towering shapes, similar to wedding party members waiting for portraits.
"I am attracted to this challenge, which is to create beauty from something as universal and universal as cardboard," Webb said ."in-Residence in M.H.Goldball education gallery of Dejan Memorial Museum this month."I am from the Midwest and it is said that we can make a silk wallet with the ears of sows.
Weber's works range from 12 inch high to 16 feet high.While some of her work is done in bronze or fiberglass, most are plain cardboard that is preserved and reinforced with shellac.She said she was fishing in a trash can near the attic in emmerville, looking for most of the cardboard.
She has seen the difference in cardboard in different countries and looked for uneven faded cardboard in the sun.Her path to creating cardboard sculptures began with her first pottery class in the 1970 s.She is a fresh graduate of art history at Purdue University and she falls in love with clay.
There is also a classmate, a blonde with long braids.After they got married, they opened a small pottery studio and shop in Ithaca, New York.Y.She spends hours a day making fine porcelain plates, cups and bowls.
Years later, Weber divorced and became interested in the development from a female craftsman to an artist, moving to the West.She received a master's degree in fine arts from the California Institute of Arts and Crafts, where she studied under Viola Frey, known for her huge ceramic sculpture."I remember Viola saying, 'Go and see the work of kantinsky.
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I was sitting in front of Porter's steering wheel and started throwing these contensky-shaped things.This is a Eureka moment."She continues to use a variety of materials from papier-In canvas and newspapers.She was always attracted to manipulating basic materials in an unconventional way and saw beautiful furniture made of corrugated cardboard by architect Frank Gaili.
"I 've just moved into a large studio in East Oakland and don't have much money to buy anything," Webb said ."."I started looking at a bunch of boxes I used in my move and thought, 'I will make art with cardboard.She says many of her works are a metaphor for life experiences, especially her perception of relationships.
Several sculptures, called "almost", represent an imperfect connection between gender.Weber pointed out that their imperfections are part of the beauty."It's not good if you're with someone who's too perfect," she said .
"I like to watch tension, dynamics and diversity.Standing in the Kimball education Gallery, a museum tourist approached Webb and asked, "How do you know if your work can stand up ?"She smiled and replied, "isn't our life about balancing behavior ?""Look at the gallery, where her wedding sculptures are on display --Cheese Box in white, not paintWebb added, "I like the simplicity of cardboard.I like that it invites you to look at things in a different way.
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