Amazing Melted Crayon Art Ideas - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-13
Amazing Melted Crayon Art Ideas  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Artists are always eager for new technologies to show their creativity or emotions in the form of art.The art of melted crayons is not a new technology, but it is not very popular.This is the perfect fusion of heat and color.
We give you some impressive artistic ideas for melting crayons.The melted crayon art is a wax art that brings us back to the 6 th century (hot wax art ).They then create paintings with melted beeswax and colored pigments.
Crayons are what we used when we were young, and we used the traditional way!When we first learned about the presence of colors, it's time to try graffiti on walls and paper with the color stick we picked up, almost any surface we can findCRAYONS!Here are some ideas for creating colorful rivet paintings using melted crayons!The basic elements of any melted crayon art are the same.You need a piece of canvas, crayons and a hot source to melt them.If working outdoors, you can melt them in the sun or use the hot air in the hairdryer.
You can use paper products or small plastic products to add other elements to your artwork.You can use glue to continuously paste crayons on the tilted canvas and blow hot air on it with a hair dryer to make lovely colored rain until the crayons start to melt.After the crayons are dry, you can draw a happy girl getting wet in the rain, the kids enjoy the "colored" shower, a couple dancing in the rain, or whatever you want to do.
You can try the same technique in different colors in combination!A stunning painting embodies a good sense of color.You can choose a set of warm or cold shades, or you can choose a combination of contrast colors.Put them on the canvas, melt them and get the image as shown below.
Art cannot be limited to a set of colors.
any creation that looks good is art.
After finishing one side, tilt the canvas and repeat the same process in other colors to get an amazing pattern as shown below.You can also tilt the canvas at different angles.You can draw the scene by matching the melted wax strokes with other objects such as birds, flowers, etc.
If you would like to add flowers, please select crayons in colors such as green, yellow or brown.Make paper flowers, stick directly to hot crayons or stick them with glue.This is an example of a waterfall with melted wax strokes.
Draw a rough outline of the waterfall.
Then draw with a hot glue gun and you can push with crayons instead of inserting glue.Once you're done, you can add some craftsmanship by cutting the clouds, the Sun and the birds off the paper and sticking them above the waterfall.For this painting, you need to cut a bird template, attach it to the canvas, and then draw with a hot glue gun.
Do not let the crayons dry before lifting the template, otherwise the dry melted crayons break and cut off the canvas.You can draw the tiger with a hot glue gun, without the template, draw the general outline of the Tiger, and then color it carefully.Cut the crayons into small pieces and put them on the canvas in the sun and your work is done!The rest will be done by solar energy.
You can apply it a little with a sponge or brush or give it some shape.It's simple but looks great.Melt one or more colored crayons collectively on the canvas, and then make your own strokes with a brush or sponge.Give it a good pattern in a circle or at any angle you like.
You can make the color you like into a big shape.Melt some yellow and orange crayons and become a bright star.Make Your Heart with red crayons.Kids can make some basic shapes of the colors they like with melted crayons.
Complex shapes or common objects such as cars, boxes, toys, or simple-to-Older children can eat fruits and vegetables.They can use melted crayons instead of the traditional way of drawing and coloring.When crayons are still in a melting state, rough strokes can be made by using a hard brush or any other material that can add texture to your drawing.
The picture given here can be used as a reference.You 've just seen some interesting ways to make amazing artwork with melted crayons.You can play with strokes and angles or try shapes.
From a simple University-Color objects complex numbers and textures, you can do a lot of things with crayons
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