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acrylic store fixtures - the basics by tim pelcone - hanging display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-27
acrylic store fixtures - the basics by tim pelcone  -  hanging display stand
You just got the contract to design the new BRIC.a-Brac retail stores are now looking for a variety of alternatives you can suggest to your customers.After visiting several WellsAmong the well-known shops in town, you will find that the most popular store fixtures seem to be acrylic.
But why is acrylic?Durability: this is the main advantage.Basic store accessories require a shelf life of at least one year, preferably a longer one.They also need to be safe against children who accidentally hit their elbows or are attracted to color monitors.
In fact, in terms of durability, the durability of acrylic resin is much longer, especially compared to the lacquer or lacquer hardwood floors.Lifetime Warranty: many acrylic resin have lifetime warranty, which reduces your cost.You also don't have to keep too many spare parts to replace the broken parts.
Strength: acrylic looks fragile, but it can support a lot of weight.In most stores, the size of the product is not necessarily proportional to the weight.The same acrylic bracket can be used to show something big, heavy, light or small.
Acrylic is also highResistant to impact.
Flexibility: this is a very good quality that makes acrylic useful for any type of display stand.It can be shaped in any shape with rounded or square corners.Optical clarity: This quality makes acrylic suitable for a wide range of housing and brackets.
The transparency of the material does not affect the displayed items.They also give the whole display a "lighter" and neat feel.The flat glass has a dark green tone along the edge of the sheet, while the acrylic sheet is transparent.
Brightness: the brightness of acrylic makes it easy to move the display unit.They will also add a minimum weight to the shelves that show the item.Replicability: the flexibility of materials also makes it relatively easy to copy standard parts.
All stores in the chain need to have standardized display units.Acrylic is the ideal material.If the store needs to expand, it is not difficult to match the additional display unit with the original display unit.Acrylic has become a very popular material.
So it's relatively easy for someone to do what you want.Scratch resistant: this is the main drawback of acrylic fiber, it is easier to scratch than glass.However, the solution to this problem is to add a good paste wax to the acrylic resin.
This will make the scratch "disappear" and the stand looks as good as the new one!There are 7 advantages and 1 disadvantage in using acrylic.This in itself fully illustrates the applicability of acrylic for making display units.If you want to show your product to the maximum, you will not go wrong using acrylic resin.
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