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A species whose garbage precedes it - full size cutout of person

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-26
A species whose garbage precedes it  -  full size cutout of person
Whether it's the highest mountain on Earth or the deepest crack, plastic finds a way from below
When the weft and warp yarn of the fabric observed under the microscope appear, the stitching of the fir tree branches will ripple into the wrapped trunk.
The pattern is very charming and you want to walk in the air with your eyes, at the expense of your neck, probably your safety.
The dilemma of the Himalayan trek to the foot of Khangchendzonga is that if you walk carelessly, you risk falling into the canyon.
There, in the middle of this pure uninhabited paradise, there are only so many pairs of eyes that grow up in the mountain air without alloy, fragile at 4,200, and barely habitable, you will find that the eternal heritage of mankind --a blasé below-50-
Micron plastic bags spinning from exotic woods.
The heart is a bit heavy.
But on the edge of human exploration, plastic has sunk.
Last week, businessman Victor Viscovo
Become an undersea explorer, dive into the deepest known places of humanity, a Western Pacific gap known as the Mariana Trench, and encounter a plastic bag and some sweet wrapping paper.
Viscovo dropped 11 kilometers under the waves, with only a few before him, including, of course, Titanic director James Cameron.
There he found a monster that refused to break down. (
Although you can't find one at a grocery store in Mumbai, it's wise. )
Divers have succeeded in a submersible capable of withstand the great pressure of the deep sea, drawing the virgin land inhabited by the extraordinary creatures to break the record.
The story of his incredible stunt show is covered up by some familiar fragile junk that first appeared in the American supermarket in his 70 s.
They may not know that the first convenient small bag made of oil, natural gas and chemicals will collapse and will not degrade into smaller toxic substances until then, bleeding in the belly of the ocean and amazing large mammals.
Plastic waste is so long-lasting, important and powerful
This may be a sovereign state.
It turns out that there is a garbage island, twice the size of Texas in the United States, which stubbornly floats in the ocean.
It is called the Pacific garbage belt.
Maybe it should have its own flag
A website called theworld count
Com has a counter that shows the number of plastic bags produced in the world in one year.
It runs too fast, so it's not possible to copy a precise number here, even if it's going to be updated for the second time.
But this can be conveyed: this number, the last few numbers that are blurred in the ticking frenzy, is 13 digits long.
The site explains that this means that 16,000 packages can be created per second.
In order to alleviate fear, I should talk about the measures taken by the government and all sectors of society.
The established abstraction known as "companies responsible for society" is taking action to "combat threats" because they like to call it the hopeless half --
Try with your heart.
But there are reports of how the big Fry bluffs in the name of recycling the immortal waste they produce and we raise.
From the painful trek of the world's tallest mountain to the deepest cracks on Earth, plastic dug a home for itself.
The end of the world will not be fire or ice, but will be suffocated by bags. bag.
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