a sme ceo everyday checklist for sales management (fmcg) - retail counter

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-17
a sme ceo everyday checklist for sales management (fmcg)  -  retail counter
In small and medium-sized enterprises, the CEO often plays the role of sales management.In the course of my consulting service, I often find that the CEO limits himself to primary sales and expects secondary and tertiary sales to happen in his own sales training.The following is a checklist that small and medium-sized enterprise CEOs can follow if they want to pay due attention to the functions of sales management: choose three days a week, invest 2 hours/day, as follows: the first day: major sales (choose from any or all of the following events :) a) talk/meet with distributors to learn about their challenges View missed sales for each dealer's sales growth) visit the dealer, check their actual inventory and match the book inventory of a given dealer to talk to the distributor, beat the salesperson and understand the market acceptance) check the inventory of marketing promotional materials with the distributor, meet with competitors dealers such as banners, Hangouts, etc.
to learn about their sales strategy practices and market plans.Day 2: Level 2 sales (choose from any or all of the following activities :) a) work with your sales officer to understand his beat and show how to do it under given market conditionsYour performance in his sales performance will be the benchmark for his further performance.B) try to fill the dealer's sales beat with more counters for the nature of your business.
Day 3: Level 3 sales (choose from any or all of the following activities :) a) it is best to spend some time at the class retail counter with the dealer and do a down-to-earth analysis.B) visit category B retail counters and motivate the right people to sell more of your brand by providing credit to the right people at the right time for the right purpose sales consultant.C) visit category C retail counters and motivate them to promote your products to the market.
This category has free time and is willing to sell you your product for free.Spend 30 minutes each morning and 15 minutes at night with your sales team.30 minutes in the evening esa) review the sales figures for the next day, dealer wise, and mark against the running rates required by the target for each salesperson and each sales team, sales Performance Management for tomorrow c) random 1-2 telephone calls to sales calls announced in the sales supervisor's daily sales report) role-playing the randomly selected sales supervisor.
E) every salesperson should provide his advice and complaints for dayf.Weekly sales review with the sales team (2 hours) a) in the worst case, the secondary sales this week should be equal to the primary sales next week.B) each salesperson must collect physical inventory at the distributor point and non-mobile inventory demand forecast technology at the secondary sales retail point c) each salesperson must reach the MNOC (at least no phone calls per day) setting up specifications internally with team d) the background should update the CRM software and make all sales calls within a week and make the necessary classification of the sales call type and status.
E) the total outstanding amount on the market should never exceed the inventory value mapped by dealers and retailers to the former.If so, this is a matter of concern.F) plan the marketing plan for next week.G) choose the best salesperson last week to redeem this status with something meaningful.(Not cash) this is equivalent to the CEO paying attention to 14 hours in sales management training.
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