a $25 alternative to pricey sit-stand desks - stand up cardboard

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a $25 alternative to pricey sit-stand desks  -  stand up cardboard
Will it hurt sitting at the desk?
Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Vancouver Hootsuite, shares your pain.
He launched Oristand with the designer-
Cardboard, foldable stand-up desktop solution that won't strain your back or bank account.
Oristand is priced at $25 and is simpler and more affordable than buying a seat/stand.
Oristand co-said: "The original idea came from Ryan Holmes
Founder Steve Sutch
"He has a pain in his back and is looking for a solution and can't find what he wants.
In fact, he did start experimenting with boxes on his desk, eventually leading to a very affordable cardboard stand table.
"He called me and we looked into it and tried to design an ergonomic $25 table that was both right and strong and easy to assemble.
"While Oristand may remind you of the carton solution you cracked together, raise your computer to high enough for $25 so you can type, you can get more design expertise and it folds flat so you can easily take part in the next show.
Suchy holds a degree in architecture and works in the field of architecture and interior furniture design
Holmes and Nathan Martell are designers and founders of Martell studio, a multi-disciplinary design office.
Although Oristand is not adjustable, Susie said three
The Person team made many prototypes and tried the best solution for the range of user heights from 5 feet high to 6 feet high, with oristand sitting on a regular table with a height of 20 to 30 inch.
"It's a size, so it may not work for everyone, but it's affordable enough for a lot of people with average height to have a chance," he said . ".
It has two layers, one layer is the best height for the laptop to put the screen on the head and neck, and the lower layer is the keyboard-
So you want to use a separate wireless keyboard on your computer.
"It's definitely better than sitting, and it's better than a lot of single-tier choices," Suchy said . ".
He said that the team did not get input from ergonomic experts in the design, but with the release of Oristand they wanted feedback that would help with future product design.
"We have to keep the development quiet because of the patent application," he said . ".
"We 've been showing it since then, and occupational therapists are interested in us, saying it's something they might be interested in.
"Usually, their customers will benefit from using their desks, but the initial intake of more than $200 may be a pressure for many people.
Coincidentally, Oristand posted on the morning I received physiotherapy for back painwhat else —
Write on the computer
As I type, I stand up with various temporary solutions, and I 've been thinking about firing shells for a table that stands up --
An expensive alternative can start with a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
"So," I asked my physical therapist when I came up with a video of a new Oristand.
"Should I try this $25 solution first?
"Reaching out to stop me from sticking my head out, like a chicken pointing to a computer screen, my physical therapist Joanne McBrinn said, while she can't really comment on Oristand because she didn't get a chance to test it, this is a low movable
The cost solution is a good solution.
"It's a good idea because you don't commit to using expensive fixtures that only one person can use," she said . ".
Spending a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean the equipment is better for you, says McBrinn.
"The efficiency of ergonomic equipment has nothing to do with costs," she said . ".
"There are many expensive tables and people don't use them because of the cost.
"If you use a table at work, or if you are a remote worker who occasionally goes to the office, oristand is a relatively cheap way to adjust the height of your desk, it can be hidden under your desk if you want to sit for a while.
Oristand is light and easy to open in a few seconds.
It was produced at the same factory near Seattle that produced shoe boxes for Nike.
The order is made online and Oristand is black, natural or white with five
Package for $100.
Oristand also offers custom brands for companies that want to put their logo on the table.
"The most important thing about cardboard is that it allows us to create a democratized stand-up table that everyone can afford," Suchy said . ".
Recyclable cardboard, low cost and nearby production are important factors in the first design of the new company.
"We are trying to create a product that is good for your wallet, back and Earth," Suchy said . ".
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