330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of bubble wrap: removal men accidentally reveal what it take

'330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of bubble wrap': removal men accidentally reveal what it takes to pack up the camerons' downing street possessions as the pm begins moving out of no10 - printed white flat pack boxes

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-25
\'330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of bubble wrap\': removal men accidentally reveal what it takes to pack up the camerons\' downing street possessions as the pm begins moving out of no10  -  printed white flat pack boxes
When David Cameron and his family were ready to leave their home for the past six years this morning, the moving van had arrived at Downing Street.
After visiting Buckingham Palace tomorrow to formally submit his resignation to the Queen, the prime minister will hand over the key to Theresa May.
Photographers now have only one day to collect their belongings, leave their elegance and love the apartment above 11, they spend thousands of pounds to re-
Renovated into their home.
In London, there is no place for the family to go right away.
The 6 million properties they own in Notting Hill are currently being rented.
Today, an assistant was seen carrying boxes and bags to and from Downing Street, a large blue van full of tablets --
Box waiting outside
One of the movers accidentally revealed the need for a list of packing supplies, including 330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of foam packaging.
Cameron hosted his last cabinet meeting on the 10 th.
At the end of the 10-point meeting, Cameron's team knocked the table four times loudly as the prime minister left. 20am.
He will now prepare for the last trip to the prime minister's question tomorrow before heading to Buckingham Palace to submit his resignation.
A spokesman for the Prime Minister revealed that this was a "voice of enthusiasm and reflection" at the meeting ", and said that the prime minister spoke at the end of the meeting about his "honor and meeting for the country and for the taxi service.
At the one-hour meeting, where the discussions focused on the life opportunity strategy and the Trident nuclear deterrent, Mr. Cameron reviewed his achievements and ended his 215 and final cabinet --
It includes same-sex marriage, free schools and apprentices.
May will be appointed as the new prime minister tomorrow, and Chancellor George Osborne pays tribute to Cameron before he finishes his cabinet.
Today, when the outgoing prime minister began his final assignment, he was found to have left from the back door.
At the same time, Mrs. May waved to the media from the 10 th steps.
The new prime minister will enter the 11 th with her husband Philip tomorrow.
The photographer's move to leave Downing Street was a few weeks earlier than expected, as may suddenly won the Conservative party's crown, and her last rival, Andrea lidesham, was in the race yesterday.
However, there are indications that the photographer has made some planning before they move. They have re-
Mortgage their house in Notting Hill to achieve 800,000 in cash that can be used to fake their house
Premier League future.
The couple also sent a notice to the current tenant.
It is hoped that when the Prime Minister goes down, the property will come out in time and space and let them move back.
The photographers spent thousands of pounds on their own money and public funds to renovate the Downing Street house and install a topof-the-
All kinds of kitchen open
Plan the living room.
Their youngest child, Florence, five, was born just months after moving in, the only house she knew in London.
The Cameron couple can go back to their peace constituency in West Oxfordshire, a place that the whole family loves.
The secluded swold Lodge, a few miles from Chipping Norton, provides more privacy than anywhere in London, allowing them to live an almost normal life.
Low safety;
They have a lot of friends in the area and it's easy to relax.
But they will find it difficult to do this before the end of the school semester, as the property is more than 70 miles from London.
A contingency plan was suggested in case the leadership contest was crowned quickly --
Including rumors that they organized a short term rental property.
After becoming prime minister's wife, Samantha may now accelerate her lucrative retail career.
Having worked at luxury leather goods company Smythson for a long time and very successful, she is said to be planning to launch her own fashion label with her assistant and stylist Isabel Spelman.
Nancy is currently attending a state middle school in Westminster.
Elvin is currently attending a primary school in Kensington with Florence.
Cameron insists he likes to be a member of Witney and plans to continue his role after the 2020 election.
However, his salary will be cut from around £ 150,000 to £ 75,000 for regular backbenchers.
Cameron's decision to abandon the traditional gold has caused huge economic losses.
Pension received by former PMs
Blair, the former Labor Party, has been accepting "if you are the one"
His pension was equal to half his salary as prime minister, and since he left office nearly a decade ago, he was only 53.
Despite making a lot of money outside Parliament since 2007, the Cabinet Office has confirmed to The Daily Mail that Blair continues to claim annual revenues of around £ 80,000.
By contrast, Cameron cut his salary as prime minister to around £ 150,000 and has been contributing to standard ministerial pensions.
The 49-year-old Cameron will have to wait until he is 65 to get his feet still.
About 20,000 pounds worth of income.
He will also be entitled to a pension from a backbench member. still a gold-
Most workers can only dream of a final wage settlement of about £ 26,000 a year.
Unlike other outgoing prime ministers, Cameron is believed to be entitled to ministerial wages --
Because he gave up his pension, it was deducted from about £ 20,000.
Cameron is likely to increase his income by paying speeches and other roles outside Congress.
His former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democratic Party, has offered business groups up to £ 30,000 in talks.
Despite the economic shock, the outgoing prime minister seemed far from being hit yesterday.
After announcing Theresa May as his successor, he walked back to the 10 th yesterday, and the microphone on Cameron's jacket caught him humming a few brisk tunes.
When he arrived at the famous black gate, he said "right" and thus ended it all, leading to speculation about the tune on social media.
Some commentators believe Mr Cameron is humming the theme song for the West Wing, the American political drama, while others say, this is the opening theme of the fourth channel news bulletin, "Black Beauty" and even the title music of the 1963 war movie "Great Escape".
How Samantha Cameron will bid farewell to the Downing Street house she helped design and where her children have spent most of their lives taking over.
But, in addition to the political impact of David Cameron's transfer of power to Theresa May, the prime minister's wife Samantha is now facing a building that has left her and her family home for six years.
Here are some of the most memorable moments photographers spend in the house behind the most famous front door in the UK.
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