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10 Creative Ways to Decorate Flower Pots Without Paint - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-14
10 Creative Ways to Decorate Flower Pots Without Paint  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Want to renovate the boring old flowerpot but no paint?It's okay.Here are some great ideas you can try to decorate the pots without paint.Weave the beads on the plastic line.String these beads on the flowerpot.Another way to use beads is to simply apply a generous layer of glue to the jar and then roll over the beads;Create unique and colorful patterns.
Home decor will always leave you some broken tiles.Use grouting to stick these tiles to the clay pot.You can also use glass bricks, pebbles and broken porcelain.
We often lose earrings or pieces of jewelry.Why not decorate an ancient terracotta pot with them?Use a hot glue gun to stick your old jewelry to a flowerpot and make them look both antique and mysterious.You can also use pennies.Many people may think that the broken mirror is bad luck.
You can turn this "bad luck" into something creative and beautiful.Use grouting to stick the broken mirror to the flowerpot.You can also try to put some broken cd.Knead ceramic powder and glue into dough.Use this doughLike playing clay.Create flowers, patterns and patterns on any old flower pot.
You can use empty pen tips, pins, etc.
Make the dent create a unique pattern.
Roll the dough into petals and make large 3D flowers, vines, leaves, etc.If you make a mixture of ceramic and glue into the consistency of henna, you can even draw a pattern on your jar.Apply a lot of glue to the pot and roll in colored sand.
This will help to coat the sand evenly without leaving any gaps or spots.You can even try using a different color gradient to give it a unique look.If you are convenient for crochet and yarn, you can knit interesting sleeves for your flowerpot crochet.
Try making quick sleeves with floral patterns using puff needle flowers or grandma square.Cut out your favorite pictures from old magazines.You can even find paper cuts in craft shops.
Stick these cuts to the flowerpot and cover the picture and the flowerpot with glue or destick to protect it.Fix the shell on the flowerpot with mud.When the mud is still wet, stick the natural sand on it.This will give pot a beachlike feel.It is easy to buy the phoni tape in the store.
Stick these colored tape to the flowerpot with the pattern you choose.Once you are satisfied with the results, protect them with a coat of varnish spray
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